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News Archive - July, 2002
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Wednesday 3 July 2002
Registration Upgrade
Written at 21:22 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
We have just slightly upgraded the registration area. Instead of just giving a site address - if you own one - you can now enter the name, abbreviation and url in your profile. This in preparation of something else that will be announced and coming very soon. Because of these upgrades, we were forced to delete all current addresses in the member profiles. No worries though: if you have your own site, then just put it back now on the My Details page (you have to be logged in to go there). This can be done now right away. Come back here soon to see why we had to do this. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

Thursday 4 July 2002
You don't cheat, do you?
Written at 02:37 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Yup, it's thursday again, which means it's time for another poll. This time, we wonder if you ever use cheats in The Sims. Are you one of those who can't live without them, or do you rather play normally and don't you use cheats? Have your say on the right, or right here. As for the previous poll - "What is the best in The Sims?" - the results were quite divided. The winning result was "Expanding the game with downloads" though, which got 40 votes (29.2%). Second came "Building houses and areas" (26 votes, 18.98%) closely followed by "Furnishing houses and areas" (24 votes, 17.52%). 20 people told us they like to run the Sims' lifes, while only 7 like to ruin them. Only 7 other people voted that they like the designing of extras the best. "Killing Sims" did a bit better, with 13 of 137 votes, which is 9.49%. All results - including those of the old polls - can be found in the poll archive.
New House
Written at 19:54 by William - 1 comment.
Are your Sims looking for a new home? If so, you need to check out the Hamilton House.


Friday 5 July 2002
Coming Soon: Community Section
Written at 14:00 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Lately we've been working hard on several new things here at The Sims Zone. The result is a community section. This section will contain community news, other site's updates and links to the sites of our members. The news will be brought by us, and with the site updates members with their own site will be able to tell everybody at The Sims Zone when they've updated. It'll even get a little space on the frontpage in the headlines section too then. This new section will launch after the weekend. Upgrades that had to be done for this have been processed in the registration area last wednesday. There are a few new options there for if you have a site. Because of that, the provided links to all sites in the profiles of members were deleted. These members can put it back simply by going to the My Details page. We are sorry for that inconvenience, but it's necessary for everything to work launch correctly and smoothly. We'll be upgrading Sunday night which might result in a short downtime.
Osbourne Sims
Written at 23:57 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
I just came across something interesting for those who have heard of the MTV Reality Show 'The Osbournes' (which bytheway is very famous), and if you like The Sims, then there's now a nice combination: Osbourne Sims. In this little game on the MTV UK Website, you can control the Osbourne family and play their fights and quarrels, or make Ozzy the perfect father and houseman. This might not be completely suitable for children though, because of explicit language (Parental Advisory). The game requires Shockwave Player 8 (if you don't have it you'll be asked to install it) and can be played here. Have fun!

Saturday 6 July 2002
Interview with me
Written at 00:19 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
A couple of days I've given an interview at a small sims Fansite called Sims Unique. The interview is about The Neighborhood Handler, and answers 4 questions, including one about the special features of the program:
"Basically just that the program is completely focused on managing your neighborhoods. That has resulted in options like copying separate houses or areas, etc. Also, the 'repairing' of a neighborhood is probably in no other program. The feature-list is a big one, too big to mention here I think. Some features can be found in other programs, but not all in one program like The Neighborhood Handler."
To read the complete interview, go to The Sims Unique.

Sunday 7 July 2002
Deluxe Details
Written at 00:10 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
SimsZone.de has posted slightly more info about The Sims Deluxe. This package can already be pre-ordered at several places, but now some more information has been released about it. First of all, the package will indeed be a combination of The Sims (Original) and the Livin' Large (Livin' it Up) Expansion pack - quite much like the collectors edition. However, there will be an extra tool included with it: Sims Creator. This tool should make it possible to make your own sims. There might come some more extras with it, but it's still unclear what that will be then. The chance of the bonus-material being put online for free - for all current Sims owners - is quite likely I think. The pack will be released in September 2002. Nice for those who still don't have The Sims, but so far it seems there is nothing really interesting that comes with it for people who already have the game.
TSO July Update
Written at 22:21 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
This month is already 7 days old, and so the official The Sims Online Site has been updated again. This month, there are 5 new articles in the game features section, of which one again is by Will Wright, and another one is about the "Bounce my Booty Dance Floor":
"Summer is the perfect time for parties. Whether you're into club scenes, wild raves, or theme luaus, the "Bounce My Booty" Dance Floor will definitely let you groove to the wild beats of summer."
The other articles contain a "play diary" - a couple of days playing TSO described - a few short interviews with some of the creators of The Sims Online (including Will Wright, Chris Trottier, Gordon Walton and Luc Barthelet. Besides that there is an article about the (private) messenging system in the game too. The July state of the S.I.M.M. tells a few bits about the "E3 Aftermath", and the testing and development status. Details about the external beta (read this) will be released next month. Last but not least: some wallpapers have been added, as well as some AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) Icons. The articles can be found here, the July state of the S.I.M.M. is here and the new downloads are on this page, all on the Official TSO site. Note that it's still unknown whether this game will be released in Europe after all - or not (probably much later than in the US if at all). The scheduled (US) release is near the end of this year, and it'll cost $50 to buy, then between about $11 and $13 per month to play.

Monday 8 July 2002
Community Section Launched!
Written at 02:00 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
The moment you've all been waiting for is here! As you can see, the community section is now open. This place will give you the latest news from the community, members can add site updates to let everybody know when their sites have been updated at this page. It'll even give those members one line on the homepage of TSZ then (in the headlines bit). Finally, there is a list of links to the sites of all our members. In other words: free publicity for those who have registered as member and have a Sims-site on their own.

If you have any questions about posting updates, adding your link to the list, or just anything else about this community section, don't hesitate and e-mail ChEeTaH. We hope you'll like this brand-new section. Any comments are appreciated here.
Registration Fixed
Written at 15:18 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
There were a few problems with the members registration after the upgrades. New members could not register because of that. These problems have been fixed, and for those who aren't a member yet, they can register as new member now here. As member you'll be able to access special features at The Sims Zone, like posting comments to news items. Members with their own Sim-website can post when their site has udated in the Community section, and their link will show up in the list of links. If you have already registered and if you are logged in, then go here to view and/or change your profile, which also holds information about your site. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the errors when trying to register as new member.

Tuesday 9 July 2002
Late SimDay Report: SimCity 4 article
Written at 03:22 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Due to the 4th of July holiday in the US, there wasn't a SimDay last thursday. However, it is there now, along with some other news. There is some news about SimCity 4: a few articles from the development team have been added, a bit like the articles posted recently at The Sims Online. For instance, there's one article about the buildings in SimCity 4:
"But the point really is, when you pan away from an area, whether it's to place a park, dispatch the mayor, or to have lunch, you can come back, say 30 years later, and still recognize the neighborhood. You might not like it much, but yeah, it's the same place."
All articles can be found here. Besides these articles, there's a news post on the official site that the exchange is being upgraded, and therefore is down until further notice. That's all for this week, hopefully another SimDay later this week, on thursday then.

Wednesday 10 July 2002
Unleashed rumours: true or false?
Written at 01:50 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
The Sims Unleashed is probably the most vague project from Maxis at the moment. There are a lot of rumours that it'll be coming out later this year, but other sources think that nothing of the rumours is true. GamesDomain has said they got confirmation from EA in this article. However, the rumours about Unleashed were first seen in a joke by Bil Simser (BluePrint). He is saying on his site that none of it is true - but how sure is he? How can sites get confirmation that something is true, when it isn't? Maybe Maxis took over something from his joke, and is actually working on a new expansion pack called Unleashed... In any case, a customer preview at EB-Games (that has been removed now) was a fake, as it was a copy of Bil's original joke. At the moment, we cannot tell you whether The Sims Unleashed is really coming or not, nor can we give any other information about it as Maxis hasn't officially released one word about it yet. The definite confirmation will probably come in an announcement one or another SimDay, in the form of a press release. We'll keep you updated.
Unleashed is coming indeed
Written at 03:15 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
It was only hours ago when we were still in doubt whether Unleashed - the fifth expansion pack for The Sims - was indeed coming or not. Bil Simser has now posted an update. He has phoned up Will Wright, and things got clearer from that. First the good news: Unleashed will indeed be coming. The preview at EB-Games however was the April Fool's joke of Bil's "The Sims: Unlimited Adventures" and has now been removed from the page. No details of the expansion pack are known yet. Most things mentioned in the april fool's joke, like Edith coming with it, an SDK, a basement and third floor, etc. are untrue. Most likely, this fifth expansion pack is the last one before The Sims 2 too, but that hasn't been confirmed either. More rumours about Unleashed go that it'll have pets - the title suits that idea. Although that's most likely the new main feature of the expansion pack, it hasn't been confirmed officially yet and so it might be untrue.

Thursday 11 July 2002
What do you download the most?
Written at 02:15 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Thursday means another poll at The Sims Zone. This week: what type of extras do you download the most? No need to explain it really I think, just vote on the right or on this page.

Quite many people voted on the last poll. And it's true: most of you use cheats all the time. 70 of all the 202 people (that's more than one third of the total!) has voted for "is there a way to play without them?". 42 people use cheats pretty often, and another 22 quite regularly. 31 people use just the money cheat, 9 cheat to move objects around, and 8 cheat - but not to get money. 3 votes were for "just to get rid of flies". There's still a bit of hope, although it's not big: only 8.42% of the players - 17 votes - do not use cheats at all. Detailed results can be found here.
SimDay: Unleashed announced
Written at 04:24 by ChEeTaH - 5 comments.
The big news is here: The Sims Unleashed has officially been announced. Also, the first details of this new, and probably the last, expansion pack for The Sims are in the same press release. The rumours about the pets were right:
"For the first time ever, the Sims can visit a pet store and bring home a variety of creatures and accoutrements. Players will make a big splash with the addition of a lumbering Labrador or fickle feline to their Sim family. They can also buy a parrot, turtle, lizard or fish that are fun for the whole family but don't need to be house trained."
But, there's a whole lot more to look out for...
Read More!

New House: The Westerfield
Written at 22:34 by Jendea - 2 comments.
For your wealthy Sims that are into entertaining....

Friday 12 July 2002
A riverwalk and walls too.
Written at 19:12 by Sumit - 0 comments.
No sim can be a sim without a riverwalk. For downtown, this place is booming with shops and restaurants. Also some cheery walls have been added to brighten up your sim's day! Get this all here

Monday 15 July 2002
The Thatched Theme
Written at 00:12 by Sumit - 0 comments.
Now your sims can have an alternative to the other Hawaiian themes. Or if they have not experienced House Party yet, these will bring a bit of Hawaii to there homes! Also added is Drape Red and Extreme Modern. These are stunning walls for sims that need a little "twist" in their homes! All this here.
Exchange back open
Written at 20:23 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
The Family Exchhange on the official site has reopened. You can now publish your families again, in the improved exchange. Searching has been improved and is now more accurate. Uploading should be faster and easier, and details are now displayed in pop-ups so "won't lose your place when browsing". The Sims and SimCity fans, as well as the fans of SimGolf which was released in Europe last week can now exchange their items again as before - but easier. At least, that are the words of Maxis. You can go to The Sims exchange here.
New PS2 info and shots
Written at 20:32 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
The games site GamePro has posted an article with 15 screenshots of The Sims on PlayStation2. The article is 4 pages long and has - besides an interview with Will Wright - also some information about the game. For instance, we can read that the option to play without end - like on the PC - will still be available. However, there are more play modes too, like the two-player rumble. Games can be saved on memory cards so you can easily continue playing at a friend's place. Of course, there are also the completely 3D graphics. The PS2 version of The Sims will contain 20 exclusive objects, and the best objects of Livin' Large, House Party and Hot Date - recreated to get the best out of the PS2. The controls are also enhanced, so players can get the hang of it "in 30 seconds", says Michael Perry, the design director of the game. As if all that info isn't enough, there are also 15 new screenshots available. To read the article and see the screenshots, go to GamePro's feature.


Tuesday 16 July 2002
New Unleashed Info
Written at 17:01 by ChEeTaH - 2 comments.
A full 2-paged article has appeared at PC.IGN.com about The Sims Unleashed. As stated earlier, the new expansion will mainly focus on pets, as well as community areas. The smaller addition is the gardening, which doesn't sound bad either. The Community areas contain areas where your whole family can go to at once - including the kids - with what will probably be a city bus in the final version. In those areas you'll find the neighbours of your sims walking around. There you have to decide: dog or cat?
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Thursday 18 July 2002
Do your Sims wear clean clothes?
Written at 02:15 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
A new poll has popped up again. This week's question: "How often do your Sims change into a new outfit?" Do you regularly change the clothes of your sims, or do they always walk in the same outfit all the time? Tell us on the right or right here.

Last week's poll went pretty well too: 188 people made their vote! We asked you what you download the most. 100 of you download Objects the most. Slightly odd, as the second and third most popular downloads are not objects but houses (the SimBrother House and the Contemporary Mansion - First place is Ryan's Oscar Statue). The skins got the second place in the poll though, with 56 votes. Third were the houses and families with just 12 votes. 10 people said they don't download those sort of things, and the fifth place is tied between Walls/floors and downtown and vacation areas. Roofs don't seem to be popular at all: 0 people download those the most (which does not mean they aren't downloaded... just not the most). The results can be viewed in the poll archive.
Deluxe Article [Link fixed]
Written at 20:32 by ChEeTaH - 2 comments.
PC.IGN.Com has posted another Sims-related article. As if they have been sleeping over at the Maxis studios last week (they already posted articles about Unleashed and SimCity 4), they have now posted more details of The Sims Deluxe. That package will contain The Sims and Livin' Large - the first expansion pack - as well as some other extras. This edition will have some exclusive walls, floors, skins and two new themes. However, the main extra is the "Create-A-Sim" utility. This utility sounds like the Create-A-Sim thing in The Sims on PlayStation 2: you can combine several parts of the body to make one new skin. While editing the head or body on the left, you can immediatly see the effect on the right. You can also paste logos and other textures on the Sim with it:
"In addition to adding textures, you can also add your own logos and art to the skins. Load any art you like into the game (ahem...as long as you're not violating any copyright laws) and you can scale it and place it on your Sim in real time. We saw a bit of this in action and it was really as simple as it could possibly be. Just drag the logo to the space you want it on the body. If it need to be larger or smaller, just click and drag till you get it just right. Since the logos fit on the skin, they can be used for logos on clothing as well as tattoos. Maybe you can even get some sort of sponsorship or product placement."
Whether this utility and the extra items will be available for free on the official site is yet unknown. You can read the full article on this page. (Link was fixed on 19 July 2002 at 18:55)
SimDay Report: Chat log
Written at 20:33 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Last week there was a chat about the Sims on PS2. This week, you can download the transcripts for it. Quite some questions (the document is nearly 5 pages long!) were answered. Most questions were about new objects and the gameplay of The Sims. Especially the two-player mode was discussed about. For instance, Sean (Associate Designer) told that there are several ways to go into two-player mode. You can play with each other in a classic game, each controlling a different sim, or get competative and do the 2 player challenges, which are just a bunch of small games after each other. He also said that most objects come from The Sims (original), but they also put in the best of Livin' Large, House Party and Hot Date. Those objects will make a 3D-Appearance in The Sims on PS2. Even the love-bed will be there, as well as some exclusive objects like the Monkey Butler and the Vanity Table. Several objects will have to be unlocked by playing story-mode. There you'll start living with your mother, but you'll have to get a job, a house of yourself, etc. Malcolm and "MOM" are there for you when you need them in story mode. When the story develops, more objects and skins will be unlocked. As if that's not enough, the PS2 version of the game will also have neighbour NPC's with special behaviour. Basically, it'll be everything The Sims (Original) has, plus the story game and 2-player modes. Creating your Sim's looks will go with "Create-A-Sim", which enables you to make nearly 500,000 combinations of clothes, jewellery, etc. The full transcript of the chat can be downloaded here.

Saturday 20 July 2002
GameSpot previews Unleashed
Written at 01:42 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
After IGN previewed Unleashed a couple of days ago, it's now GameSpot's turn to preview the upcoming expansion. They've posted an article (rather short compared to IGN's one), but it does give some new information:
"Though the pets are certainly not the only new feature of The Sims: Unleashed, they're a big part of it. Now, your sims can make their way to their local pet store, where they can pick out their very own pet, including about a dozen different breeds of dogs or cats, as well as parrots, fish, and various birds and reptiles. Pets can be named, and once bought, they're treated as part of the family. In the case of dogs and cats, these animals have their very own statistics and skills for you to keep track of."
So pets can indeed be named. It also tells us a bit more about the personality of the pets. There are a few other interesting points in there, but still the IGN article is the most interesting so far. If you want to read the GameSpot article anyhow - including 5 screenshots - go here. Interesting too: a box-shot has appeared at EBGames in the pre-order page:

A Sim Fan is born!!
Written at 02:21 by ChEeTaH - 2 comments.
We think a new Sim Fan was born last tuesday: Carrie has been away from this site for a while, because she was pregnant of her first child. The little boy named Ethan was born in the afternoon of 16 July 2002, at 15:28 local time. Mother and child are doing well. If you want to see pictures of the baby then go here. Of course the rest of TSZ congratulates Carrie with this new boy. We hope he'll be a big Sims fan too when he gets older :-) If you want to congratulate Carrie with this happy news, then you can post your comments here. You have to be registered (and logged in) for it to work though.
3 New Wall Sets Added
Written at 08:47 by Bettyjoe - 0 comments.
Hi. I know it has been some time since you have seen any creativeness out of Bettyjoe's Creations. Well I am back after extended leave due to family matters and have just added 3 new wall sets. CLICK HERE. Hope you will soon be enjoying these wall sets in your Sims neighborhoods.

Sunday 21 July 2002
TSO Article at IGN
Written at 02:48 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
More information of The Sims Online has appeared - once again - at PC.IGN.Com. They've written some other articles about Unleashed, Deluxe and The Sims (PS2) earlier this week, and this time there's a 2-page long read about TSO:
"You aren't actually going to be able to go around and hug everyone that you want to. You'll have to get their approval first. Let's look at an example. If you were in the real world, Tal would just walk up and squeeze your ass because he feels it's necessary at the time even if you feel it's unnecessary (Angry Ivan and the Chair Humping Tal should really be some kind of a short film or something). But if you were in The Sims Online, Ivan would be able to completely ignore Tal and his constant advances. No more butt squeezing for you Tal!"
The article describes the basics of The Sims Online, like how you start the game, and how you interact with others (and also how you go to other people's places). However, for those who've been following the game for a while there isn't much new info in the article. The good thing is that there are 5 new screenshots available on the TSO Media Page (at PC.IGN of course), like this marriage picture:

The article can be found on this page.

Monday 22 July 2002
Unleashed video interview
Written at 02:36 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
GameSpot has posted a video interview with Jonathan Knight from Maxis, while he was showing the upcoming expansion pack Unleashed at Camp EA, where several upcoming EA titles were showcased - including Unleashed, The Sims Deluxe, The Sims PS2 and SimCity 4. The video can be found here. Unfortunately, you need to have GameSpot complete to see it. That's why I can't say what it contains (yet), as I have simply not seen it. The download is 112 MB(!) big for hi-res Quicktime quality, or 93 Mb for low-res MPEG quality. Not something for modem users I'd say. If you have seen it, and would like to share some information with us about it, then please leave a message in the comments of this news item. You can also send me an e-mail.

Thursday 25 July 2002
More GameSpot videos and screens
Written at 02:08 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
Besides the video interview of The Sims Unleashed posted a few days ago, several other videos and screens that I hadn't noticed were posted - but not of The Sims Unleashed. A trailer of The Sims Online, an article with screenshots of Deluxe, and a movie and screenshots of The Sims on PS2 were added recently. Unfortunately, the videos are only for GameSpot complete members, and so I cannot see them. The TSO video can be downloaded from here and the Sims PS2 video from here. That last one is also a sort of interview: according to the description the producer shows what's possible with that game. In the TSO video you can "watch a group of Sims socialize in this clip".

Furthermore there are several screenshots, both of The Sims Deluxe and The Sims PS2. The Sims Deluxe's shots have been seen earlier at IGN, but in case you haven't seen the Create-A-Sim tool yet, you can still see it on this page, along with a very short article giving no new information on this page. As for the PlayStation 2 shots: they can be found here. Here's an example of one of the screenshots from the PS2:

Ever had problems?
Written at 02:16 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Have you reinstalled The Sims often because it didn't work, or did you never have to do that? That's the question of this week's new poll, which can easily be found on the right and on this page. The result of last week's poll was quite interesting too: most sims are dirty... At least, they never get new clothes to wear. Of the 161 people who voted, 64 said they never (or hardly ever) change the outfit of their sims. 31 People said to change the outfits some times, but not really regularly. 23 others said they change the outfit of a sim every few days, and 21 people give their sims new clothes every day. The other 2 options, "Every day a couple of times" and "Every 7 days or so", are tied on the last place with both 11 votes. Conclusion: don't come too close to Sims, they might smell. A nice graph of the results can be found in the poll archive.
SimDay Report: New BBS and Previews
Written at 20:20 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
It seems that the SimDays get more boring every week, with a few exceptions. There isn't much news this week. Only that there's now a BBS for Unleashed (follow this link). Also, they've made a short list of 3 sites with previews of Unleashed. We already discussed those for IGN (here) and the one from GameSpot (here). The only one from the list we didn't discuss is a preview at The Gamers Temple. As both other previews, this one discusses the pets and their behaviour, as well as a bit of the gardening and the new careers. There isn't much new info in this preview if you've already read the other two: there will be 30 lots in a neighborhood (instead of the current 10), which each can be a normal house, a community area (parks, cafes, pet stores, etc.). For those who really want to read everything about the expansion pack, and so also the preview from The Gamers Temple: go to this page for their review.
Gamers.com preview of The Sims (PS2)
Written at 20:31 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
"Once you've created a Sim, it's time to plop him or her into an environment. Once inside a home you'll have to monitor eight categories in order to keep your Sim in a livable (happy) state: Hunger, Hygiene, Energy, Social, Comfort, Bladder, Fun and Room. Neglect these factors and you've got a very unhappy Sim on your hands. And unhappy Sims burn houses down. Capisce?"
Sounds familiar? That is a bit of a preview Gamers.com posted about The Sims on PlayStation2, along with some screenshots. The article is not very long, but the five screenshots aren't too bad. There's also the first screenshot of the neighborhood, something we haven't seen before yet of the PS2 version. The screenshots can be seen here, and the short article can be found on this page.
New: Beach House
Written at 22:22 by Jendea - 0 comments.
Large, new mid-range beach style house for Lot 10 with pool, basketball court and walk through under the deck from front to the back yard. Also, I added the things one would usually find in a home for sale - the kitchen and bath fixtures (for 3 baths), ceiling and wall lights. Enjoy :)

Friday 26 July 2002
New Gravel Shingles
Written at 04:18 by Bettyjoe - 0 comments.
I just finished 22 new gravel shingle roofs for The Sims. These turned out nicely and are very "realistic-looking" in the game environment. You can find them in two packs: assortment 1 and assortment 2. Download them here. They can also be found here.

Sunday 28 July 2002
Away for 2 weeks
Written at 01:40 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
After sending my Sims on holiday several times, I'll be taking a break for the next two weeks (leaving tomorrow) too. That means I won't be updating this site for a while, but it doesn't mean this site won't be updated at all. In fact, some very good news will be seen here shortly. Because I'm away, Andy will be the boss of this place until I get back. Also, Matthew Eastaugh, ex-webmaster of this site (when it still was TheSimsFusion, now about 18 months ago), will do some work here again. You'll see some news items from him, and maybe even other things. I'll see you all again in about 2 weeks from now. Bye bye!
Written at 19:18 by Matthew - 1 comment.
Ah, memories. Hi, I'm Matthew, and I'm taking over this little website for a bit while Cheetah has a well deserved vacation. I'm only at the helm for a couple of days - Andy gets back on Tuesday - but I'll try my hardest to keep the Sims Zone running as normal until then. And heck, maybe I'll stick around afterwards too.
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Monday 29 July 2002
The Sims Online - E3 Trailer
Written at 22:22 by Matthew - 0 comments.
If you don't know much about The Sims Online, where have you been? Unsurprisingly enough, it's the online version of The Sims, and it's due out in the not too distant future. While the fate of the English release of the game is still slightly uncertain, a new movie has surfaced. This consists mainly of the footage that was shown at the recent E3 show, and totals around 23.5mb. If you'd like to download it, try either the official site or FilePlanet.

Tuesday 30 July 2002
Sim Brother II: The Contenders
Written at 02:00 by Andy - 0 comments.

The series is coming back and this time, there's more to play for!

Keep your Autumn Schedule clear as the start of our second series of "Sim Brother" is less than a month away. There's a new house, new challenges, new rules and new celebrity housemates... with a twist.

There are two shortlist polls coming soon where you get to vote for six of the housemates. So who goes in?

You decide.
Release Dates Announced
Written at 22:26 by Matthew - 0 comments.
Sorry, there isn't much news about right now.. hence not many updates. Then again, maybe I'm just very rusty. Still, today the European release dates for the Sims Unleashed add-on and the Sims Deluxe Edition have been announced. You should be able to pick both of them up from your local games store on the 4th October. This date is currently confirmed for Germany and England, and is almost certain to be correct for all of Europe.

Wednesday 31 July 2002
The Sims (PS2) Preview
Written at 20:30 by Matthew - 0 comments.
There's a new preview of The Sims on Playstation 2 up, and it's at a site called 'The Electric Playground'. Want to read it? Well, just click here. I will warn you however that's it is very low in new information, and isn't that good. Still, in this news-challenged times, anything is welcome..