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What do you download the most?
Thursday means another poll at The Sims Zone. This week: what type of extras do you download the most? No need to explain it really I think, just vote on the right or on this page.

Quite many people voted on the last poll. And it's true: most of you use cheats all the time. 70 of all the 202 people (that's more than one third of the total!) has voted for "is there a way to play without them?". 42 people use cheats pretty often, and another 22 quite regularly. 31 people use just the money cheat, 9 cheat to move objects around, and 8 cheat - but not to get money. 3 votes were for "just to get rid of flies". There's still a bit of hope, although it's not big: only 8.42% of the players - 17 votes - do not use cheats at all. Detailed results can be found here.

Written at 02:15 on Thursday, 11 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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