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http://www.jendea.com - 107578 Hits
Jendea Simitecture
Architecture for the Sims: walls, floors, roofs and house lots.

SNW offers thousands of free downloads for your Sims games. We also have Simpedia, a Sims Encyclopaedia, with articles, news, screenshots and more. We have forums, polls and lots more for you to discover! Available in English and Dutch, serving over 67,000 members already.

http://svtim.es - 70275 Hits
Sunset Valley Times
Sunset Valley Times is a fictional monthly newspaper with all the latest news from Sunset Valley. Besides that they keep you posted on the latest (non-fictional) Sims news too.

The Neighborhood Handler
Hosted here at The Sims Zone: The Neighborhood Handler - THE utility to manage your neighborhoods. It even allows you to have multiple neighborhoods if you only have the original game!

The Spore Zone
Covering all the latest of Will Wright's upcoming creation, Spore, our sister site The Spore Zone keeps you up-to-date with the latest news, screenshots and more.

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