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Unleashed rumours: true or false?
The Sims Unleashed is probably the most vague project from Maxis at the moment. There are a lot of rumours that it'll be coming out later this year, but other sources think that nothing of the rumours is true. GamesDomain has said they got confirmation from EA in this article. However, the rumours about Unleashed were first seen in a joke by Bil Simser (BluePrint). He is saying on his site that none of it is true - but how sure is he? How can sites get confirmation that something is true, when it isn't? Maybe Maxis took over something from his joke, and is actually working on a new expansion pack called Unleashed... In any case, a customer preview at EB-Games (that has been removed now) was a fake, as it was a copy of Bil's original joke. At the moment, we cannot tell you whether The Sims Unleashed is really coming or not, nor can we give any other information about it as Maxis hasn't officially released one word about it yet. The definite confirmation will probably come in an announcement one or another SimDay, in the form of a press release. We'll keep you updated.

Written at 01:50 on Wednesday, 10 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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