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SimDay Report: New BBS and Previews
It seems that the SimDays get more boring every week, with a few exceptions. There isn't much news this week. Only that there's now a BBS for Unleashed (follow this link). Also, they've made a short list of 3 sites with previews of Unleashed. We already discussed those for IGN (here) and the one from GameSpot (here). The only one from the list we didn't discuss is a preview at The Gamers Temple. As both other previews, this one discusses the pets and their behaviour, as well as a bit of the gardening and the new careers. There isn't much new info in this preview if you've already read the other two: there will be 30 lots in a neighborhood (instead of the current 10), which each can be a normal house, a community area (parks, cafes, pet stores, etc.). For those who really want to read everything about the expansion pack, and so also the preview from The Gamers Temple: go to this page for their review.

Written at 20:20 on Thursday, 25 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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