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Unleashed is coming indeed
It was only hours ago when we were still in doubt whether Unleashed - the fifth expansion pack for The Sims - was indeed coming or not. Bil Simser has now posted an update. He has phoned up Will Wright, and things got clearer from that. First the good news: Unleashed will indeed be coming. The preview at EB-Games however was the April Fool's joke of Bil's "The Sims: Unlimited Adventures" and has now been removed from the page. No details of the expansion pack are known yet. Most things mentioned in the april fool's joke, like Edith coming with it, an SDK, a basement and third floor, etc. are untrue. Most likely, this fifth expansion pack is the last one before The Sims 2 too, but that hasn't been confirmed either. More rumours about Unleashed go that it'll have pets - the title suits that idea. Although that's most likely the new main feature of the expansion pack, it hasn't been confirmed officially yet and so it might be untrue.

Written at 03:15 on Wednesday, 10 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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