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Deluxe Article [Link fixed]
PC.IGN.Com has posted another Sims-related article. As if they have been sleeping over at the Maxis studios last week (they already posted articles about Unleashed and SimCity 4), they have now posted more details of The Sims Deluxe. That package will contain The Sims and Livin' Large - the first expansion pack - as well as some other extras. This edition will have some exclusive walls, floors, skins and two new themes. However, the main extra is the "Create-A-Sim" utility. This utility sounds like the Create-A-Sim thing in The Sims on PlayStation 2: you can combine several parts of the body to make one new skin. While editing the head or body on the left, you can immediatly see the effect on the right. You can also paste logos and other textures on the Sim with it:
"In addition to adding textures, you can also add your own logos and art to the skins. Load any art you like into the game (ahem...as long as you're not violating any copyright laws) and you can scale it and place it on your Sim in real time. We saw a bit of this in action and it was really as simple as it could possibly be. Just drag the logo to the space you want it on the body. If it need to be larger or smaller, just click and drag till you get it just right. Since the logos fit on the skin, they can be used for logos on clothing as well as tattoos. Maybe you can even get some sort of sponsorship or product placement."
Whether this utility and the extra items will be available for free on the official site is yet unknown. You can read the full article on this page. (Link was fixed on 19 July 2002 at 18:55)

Written at 20:32 on Thursday, 18 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 01:08 on Tuesday, 23 July 2002 by Abby
Edited at 00:30 on Wednesday, 24 July 2002 by Abby
I dont understand the point in taking the original Sims off the shelf and replacing it with The Sims Deluxe. I've been playing The Sims for well over two years and I have all the expansion packs so far and even though the Sims Deluxe offers a bit more to the game, I'm still not going to buy it since as I said, I already have the original and Livin Large expansion.

**Sorry about the typing mistake, I meant two years instead of four**
Sim Lover

Written at 01:35 on Tuesday, 23 July 2002 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
The sims over four years? sounds impossible, as the game was finished about 2 and a half years ago (February 2000). But with a bit of luck, Maxis will post the extra items on the official site for all of us who paid the full price for the original game and Livin' Large. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything about that yet.


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