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Coming Soon: Community Section
Lately we've been working hard on several new things here at The Sims Zone. The result is a community section. This section will contain community news, other site's updates and links to the sites of our members. The news will be brought by us, and with the site updates members with their own site will be able to tell everybody at The Sims Zone when they've updated. It'll even get a little space on the frontpage in the headlines section too then. This new section will launch after the weekend. Upgrades that had to be done for this have been processed in the registration area last wednesday. There are a few new options there for if you have a site. Because of that, the provided links to all sites in the profiles of members were deleted. These members can put it back simply by going to the My Details page. We are sorry for that inconvenience, but it's necessary for everything to work launch correctly and smoothly. We'll be upgrading Sunday night which might result in a short downtime.

Written at 14:00 on Friday, 5 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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