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Ever had problems?
Have you reinstalled The Sims often because it didn't work, or did you never have to do that? That's the question of this week's new poll, which can easily be found on the right and on this page. The result of last week's poll was quite interesting too: most sims are dirty... At least, they never get new clothes to wear. Of the 161 people who voted, 64 said they never (or hardly ever) change the outfit of their sims. 31 People said to change the outfits some times, but not really regularly. 23 others said they change the outfit of a sim every few days, and 21 people give their sims new clothes every day. The other 2 options, "Every day a couple of times" and "Every 7 days or so", are tied on the last place with both 11 votes. Conclusion: don't come too close to Sims, they might smell. A nice graph of the results can be found in the poll archive.

Written at 02:16 on Thursday, 25 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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