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TSO Article at IGN
More information of The Sims Online has appeared - once again - at PC.IGN.Com. They've written some other articles about Unleashed, Deluxe and The Sims (PS2) earlier this week, and this time there's a 2-page long read about TSO:
"You aren't actually going to be able to go around and hug everyone that you want to. You'll have to get their approval first. Let's look at an example. If you were in the real world, Tal would just walk up and squeeze your ass because he feels it's necessary at the time even if you feel it's unnecessary (Angry Ivan and the Chair Humping Tal should really be some kind of a short film or something). But if you were in The Sims Online, Ivan would be able to completely ignore Tal and his constant advances. No more butt squeezing for you Tal!"
The article describes the basics of The Sims Online, like how you start the game, and how you interact with others (and also how you go to other people's places). However, for those who've been following the game for a while there isn't much new info in the article. The good thing is that there are 5 new screenshots available on the TSO Media Page (at PC.IGN of course), like this marriage picture:

The article can be found on this page.

Written at 02:48 on Sunday, 21 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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