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You don't cheat, do you?
Yup, it's thursday again, which means it's time for another poll. This time, we wonder if you ever use cheats in The Sims. Are you one of those who can't live without them, or do you rather play normally and don't you use cheats? Have your say on the right, or right here. As for the previous poll - "What is the best in The Sims?" - the results were quite divided. The winning result was "Expanding the game with downloads" though, which got 40 votes (29.2%). Second came "Building houses and areas" (26 votes, 18.98%) closely followed by "Furnishing houses and areas" (24 votes, 17.52%). 20 people told us they like to run the Sims' lifes, while only 7 like to ruin them. Only 7 other people voted that they like the designing of extras the best. "Killing Sims" did a bit better, with 13 of 137 votes, which is 9.49%. All results - including those of the old polls - can be found in the poll archive.

Written at 02:37 on Thursday, 4 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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