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TSO July Update
This month is already 7 days old, and so the official The Sims Online Site has been updated again. This month, there are 5 new articles in the game features section, of which one again is by Will Wright, and another one is about the "Bounce my Booty Dance Floor":
"Summer is the perfect time for parties. Whether you're into club scenes, wild raves, or theme luaus, the "Bounce My Booty" Dance Floor will definitely let you groove to the wild beats of summer."
The other articles contain a "play diary" - a couple of days playing TSO described - a few short interviews with some of the creators of The Sims Online (including Will Wright, Chris Trottier, Gordon Walton and Luc Barthelet. Besides that there is an article about the (private) messenging system in the game too. The July state of the S.I.M.M. tells a few bits about the "E3 Aftermath", and the testing and development status. Details about the external beta (read this) will be released next month. Last but not least: some wallpapers have been added, as well as some AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) Icons. The articles can be found here, the July state of the S.I.M.M. is here and the new downloads are on this page, all on the Official TSO site. Note that it's still unknown whether this game will be released in Europe after all - or not (probably much later than in the US if at all). The scheduled (US) release is near the end of this year, and it'll cost $50 to buy, then between about $11 and $13 per month to play.

Written at 22:21 on Sunday, 7 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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