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New PS2 info and shots
The games site GamePro has posted an article with 15 screenshots of The Sims on PlayStation2. The article is 4 pages long and has - besides an interview with Will Wright - also some information about the game. For instance, we can read that the option to play without end - like on the PC - will still be available. However, there are more play modes too, like the two-player rumble. Games can be saved on memory cards so you can easily continue playing at a friend's place. Of course, there are also the completely 3D graphics. The PS2 version of The Sims will contain 20 exclusive objects, and the best objects of Livin' Large, House Party and Hot Date - recreated to get the best out of the PS2. The controls are also enhanced, so players can get the hang of it "in 30 seconds", says Michael Perry, the design director of the game. As if all that info isn't enough, there are also 15 new screenshots available. To read the article and see the screenshots, go to GamePro's feature.

Written at 20:32 on Monday, 15 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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