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Do your Sims wear clean clothes?
A new poll has popped up again. This week's question: "How often do your Sims change into a new outfit?" Do you regularly change the clothes of your sims, or do they always walk in the same outfit all the time? Tell us on the right or right here.

Last week's poll went pretty well too: 188 people made their vote! We asked you what you download the most. 100 of you download Objects the most. Slightly odd, as the second and third most popular downloads are not objects but houses (the SimBrother House and the Contemporary Mansion - First place is Ryan's Oscar Statue). The skins got the second place in the poll though, with 56 votes. Third were the houses and families with just 12 votes. 10 people said they don't download those sort of things, and the fifth place is tied between Walls/floors and downtown and vacation areas. Roofs don't seem to be popular at all: 0 people download those the most (which does not mean they aren't downloaded... just not the most). The results can be viewed in the poll archive.

Written at 02:15 on Thursday, 18 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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