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SimDay Report: Chat log
Last week there was a chat about the Sims on PS2. This week, you can download the transcripts for it. Quite some questions (the document is nearly 5 pages long!) were answered. Most questions were about new objects and the gameplay of The Sims. Especially the two-player mode was discussed about. For instance, Sean (Associate Designer) told that there are several ways to go into two-player mode. You can play with each other in a classic game, each controlling a different sim, or get competative and do the 2 player challenges, which are just a bunch of small games after each other. He also said that most objects come from The Sims (original), but they also put in the best of Livin' Large, House Party and Hot Date. Those objects will make a 3D-Appearance in The Sims on PS2. Even the love-bed will be there, as well as some exclusive objects like the Monkey Butler and the Vanity Table. Several objects will have to be unlocked by playing story-mode. There you'll start living with your mother, but you'll have to get a job, a house of yourself, etc. Malcolm and "MOM" are there for you when you need them in story mode. When the story develops, more objects and skins will be unlocked. As if that's not enough, the PS2 version of the game will also have neighbour NPC's with special behaviour. Basically, it'll be everything The Sims (Original) has, plus the story game and 2-player modes. Creating your Sim's looks will go with "Create-A-Sim", which enables you to make nearly 500,000 combinations of clothes, jewellery, etc. The full transcript of the chat can be downloaded here.

Written at 20:33 on Thursday, 18 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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