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Deluxe Details
SimsZone.de has posted slightly more info about The Sims Deluxe. This package can already be pre-ordered at several places, but now some more information has been released about it. First of all, the package will indeed be a combination of The Sims (Original) and the Livin' Large (Livin' it Up) Expansion pack - quite much like the collectors edition. However, there will be an extra tool included with it: Sims Creator. This tool should make it possible to make your own sims. There might come some more extras with it, but it's still unclear what that will be then. The chance of the bonus-material being put online for free - for all current Sims owners - is quite likely I think. The pack will be released in September 2002. Nice for those who still don't have The Sims, but so far it seems there is nothing really interesting that comes with it for people who already have the game.

Written at 00:10 on Sunday, 7 July 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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