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"I would like to visit the entire team of now and the past, specifically Matt Sutton for first setting up the website, GamingFusion for hosting us during the time of TheSimsFusion, the people who helped with servers and applications in the past (mostly Jevon), everybody who has submitted content to The Sims Zone, everybody who has made a donation when we needed them, and of course all fans! Thank you! Thank you!"

During the years that this site has existed, we've won several awards. Not just any award, but they have been given by fellow Sims fansites. For some you had to vote for us, others were picked by staff, but nevertheless we love having them all. You've had the speech - now here's the list of all awards we won.
May 2003: SimEmmy (Best News/Info Site)

Our first award ever, given in May 2003 for being the best news and information site. We've always focused on bringing you the latest and most detailed news, and of course a bunch of information about the Sims games!

June 2003: The Sim's Stash Awards (Best News Site)
Only a month after our first Emmy, we won a second Fansite award from The Sim's Stash. Although the awards page doesn't exist anymore, we can tell you we won the Best News Site award, voted for by the visitors of the Sim's Stash.
January 2004: The Sims Discovery Awards

Early 2004 two fansites, The Sims Discovery and The Sims Exchange, gave away awards to various fansites. And guess who won the Site of the Year 2003 award? Yep, we did.

April 2004: Sims 2 Win Fansite Awards (Best Sims Site and Best News Site)

Two awards in one go! We got both the Best Sims Site and Best News Site awards from Sims2Win.co.uk. Thanks again!

November / December 2004 - Simplist Sims! Best Sim Site Award

As of November 2004, Simplist Sims! started giving away a Best Sim Site award every two months. We were the first to win this award for November and December 2004. Thanks to the jury of Simplist Sims! for choosing us as the winner!

March 2005: Best Sim Site Awards (Best News/Info Site)

A mix of both a jury and public vote lasting 25 days: both counted for 50% in Sims2Net's decision to award us as best News/Info site of 2005. We passed on the awards for "Best Downloads Site" and "Most Well Designed Site," which we were also nominated for. Thanks for giving us one award though!

December 2005: Simmie Awards (Best News Site/Best Old Site)

Out of 6 nominations, you voted well for us in two of the categories of SimMedia's annual Simmie awards. There's the best News site award again, and after existing for over 4 years we're also considered old. The good news: we've won the award for best old site. Thanks for all the votes again!

Written at 17:12 2005n Thursday 8 December 2005 by ChEeTaH.

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