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News Archive - March, 2004
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Wednesday 3 March 2004
EA Doesn't Like N-Gage?
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Remarkable news comes from GamerFeed. According to that site, EA President John Riccitiello has compared Nokia's N-Gage to a dog. He states it "just feels stupid" and that the game deck/cell phone has flawed. Yet EA has 5 titles planned to be released on the N-Gage later this year, of which The Sims Bustin' Out is one. Reccitiello has said unit productions of those games are "non-meaningful" thus far. An upgraded N-Gage edition will be released around Christmas 2005, and a "real judgement should not be made" until then, says Nokia Chief Executive Jorma Ollila. Riccitiello also said that Nokia will once be successful in the gaming industry, but they "haven't figured it out yet." For the whole article (and a few more quotes), click here.
Wright talks to Game Students
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Gaming is big, and students all over the world are anticipating to get in the gaming industry. "God" Will Wright, founder of Maxis and designer of SimCity and The Sims, has kicked off a speaker series at the Art Institute of California. He held a multimedia presentation and spoke one-on-one with game students about a wide range of topics, of course including the success of The Sims and SimCity. But he also spoke about how he designs the games, and the future of the industry. Those studying Game Art & Design or Visual & Game Programming helped host the event as well. For more information, click here. Thanks to WorldSims for the tip.

Thursday 4 March 2004
New Poll
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With a slight delay, we've added a new weekly poll. Last week we wanted to know how long you think the life of a Sim in TS2 should be, and besides the 14% voting they won't turn on aging, 50-100 days was the most popular with 29% of the 543 votes. Between 100 and 200 days became second with 26%, and 200+ days third with 17%. For the other results as well, click here. And as said, this week we have a new poll again. What do you think of all the screenshots of The Sims 2 released so far? Let us know and vote at the right, or at this page.
SimDay Report
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This SimDay comes with not too much compared to others. As (almost) usual, there are some new MP3s from Bustin' Out. This time there are 3 from the GBA version. You can click here to download the new songs, as well as all the 27 old ones. Next there is some news from probably the biggest fansite of The Sims in the world: TheSimsResource. They're launching a new easy installation tool for their site next weekend, and will be celebrating that with a Super weekend. Over 6,500 of their downloads will be available for free. Visit TSR for more information. Then there's news from the BBS. The first thing is a compilation of messages from user Pavlog_dog, who "peers into her crystal ball" and reveals secrets about Maxoids, but also delivers some recipes. Check out her posts at this page. Another link to the BBS is given, to a thread-in-rhyme. If you can say in rhyme what you'd like to see in The Sims 2, or read what others want, click here. Finally some Sims 2 stuff, which isn't really new. The official site has now also posted recent material like some screenshots and filmstrips. They've also posted an archive of The Sims 2 Newsletter (the Inside Scoop), with all the e-mails sent there of the past few months. If you aren't subscribed to the newsletter, lost the e-mails or just want to read them again, you can do so right here. That's all again for this week, more (including a Sims 2 chat) next week.
TSO Trial Credit Card Problems
Written at 23:24 by ChEeTaH - 3 comments.
Recently, EA sent out a fresh trial of The Sims Online to FilePlanet, and it's been posted there for more than a week. However, there have been some problems, when apparantly a credit card was required to play the 14 day trial. In some cases credit cards have even been charged $1. EA has fixed the issue though, and this statement comes from MaxisKitty, community manager of Maxis:
"There has been some confusion regarding the TSO free trial. We had an error occur with the registration process where a credit card was incorrectly being required. We have since fixed the problem; a credit card is not required.

"If you use the same registration code that was emailed to you when you downloaded the game, you will be able to log on. Select the option to “Subscribe Later” when you register. Your free trial will be enabled.

"Thank you for your patience."
If your credit card got charged when trying to use the trial, it's best to call your credit card company and ask for a chargeback. The trial is free for 14 days, after which you can buy a serial number from TSOGameCodes.com, where you can also download extra game time. You can download the trial from FilePlanet.

Friday 5 March 2004
2 Awards for The Sims
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The Sims has won 2 awards, again. Yesterday the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences held the "7th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards". They gave away 36 awards in different categories. Maxis was nominated twice, in the categories "Family Game of the Year" (for Bustin' Out) and "Computer Simulation Game of the Year" (Superstar). As you can guess, Maxis has won in both categories. EA took home another 9 awards, making a total of 11. This is the third year in a row that a Sims title was nominated for an award in this show, but the second year that Maxis actually won anything. Last year, Maxis won in the categories "PC Massively Multiplayer / Persistent World" (TSO) and "PC Simulation" (Unleashed). The "Computer Innovation" award, which Hot Date was nominated for two years ago, went to Black & White in 2002. But 2002 wasn't a complete loss for Maxis: Will Wright got into the AIAS Hall of Fame back then, as you can read here. For more information, visit the IAA Website. Thanks to WorldSims for the tip.

Sunday 7 March 2004
Mail form working again
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The recent update to the e-mail form, to allow bigger attachments to be sent, caused an extra error to appear in the form. That bug unfortunately made the form completely disfunctional, and e-mails would not be sent without any error messages whatsoever. That bug's been fixed now, and you can properly e-mail us again. If you've sent us an e-mail using the form recently but haven't received a reply yet, please take your time to e-mail it again and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Tuesday 9 March 2004
Interview with Lyndsay McGaw
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A lot of people are working on The Sims 2. Luc Barthelet has decided to let the fans know more about them. So this week there's something different than screenshots from Maxis. Instead he sent us, and several other sites, an interview with Lyndsay McGaw, who is assistant producer for The Sims 2. Of course we have posted that interview, which you can now read right here. Enjoy it!

Wednesday 10 March 2004
Back on a new Server [Update]
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Some of you may have noticed some downtime the past couple of hours. That's because the site was transferred to a new server (we're now with a host that offers more bandwidth than our previous one for the same price), and we had to take some time to make sure the files etc. on the new server were all up to date. Everything has now been transferred, and a few files which were deleted without me knowing about it have been restored as well. That means it's now possible to post comments to community news again. Furthermore, we now have a couple of subdomains so you can access parts of the site even easier. They work for both our .co.uk and .com domains, but I'll list them as .co.uk here: Of course all the old URLs still work as well. Furthermore nothing should be different than before, except that you may notice some difference in the loading speed of the pages. If you notice any errors on the site, please e-mail me with as many details as you can give me. Thank you.

[Update 14:15] It seems that the subdomains aren't working for everybody yet, but that they in some cases show a "Default Plesk Page". That page doesn't come from us (since this server doesn't run Plesk), and I don't know what is causing the problem exactly (it could be that the DNS databases aren't all up-to-date yet). We hope that this problem will solve itself automatically within the next few hours.
B.A.T. Chat tonight
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As many of you will know, Maxis holds a chat every two weeks. This week is one of those weeks, but it's not a Sims chat. Instead it's a SimCity chat, about the Building Architect Tool (B.A.T.). Unusual is also that the chat will be held today(!) instead of on a Thursday. The time is the same as usual, 3pm PST (11pm GMT, midnight in Europe). Sims and Sims 2 questions will not be answered. You can login from this page.

Thursday 11 March 2004
New Poll
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The Sims has been compared to Big Brother a lot, and in a way is a reality video game. But there are many reality shows on TV, too many to list. We've made a selection of popular shows, and wonder what your favourite is. Let us know and vote on the right, or at this page.

The previous poll was about the screenshots of The Sims 2. As many probably expected, the "Awesome! They rock!" option won. And big time: it got 72% of the votes. "They're looking quite good" came second with 'just' 21%. "I think they're alright, but not too great either." got 12 of the 220 votes, which makes 5%. "I don't really like them" and "I'm not interested in them at all" were tied with 1 vote each, making just 0.45% of the total amount. The "Blah, they look crappy" option got one more vote than that, and stays just under 1%. A nice overview can be found on this page.
Small SimDay [Update]
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It's SimDay again, but this time it's not very big. The main news is that there are two brand new screenshots of The Sims 2. Swinging and swimming Sims can be seen now, in close-up with the new camera mode. To view those shots, click here. Then there's a link to a thread on the BBS started by SimMasterKatikins. If you can tell why you want The Sims 2 using the first leters of the colors of the rainbow (R, O, Y, G, B, I, V), or want to read why others want it, click here. And although the (not so very busy) chat last night was about the SimCity BAT tool, there was one interesting question asked about how The Sims 2 and SimCity might work together:
Da_Fitz: "Is there a possibility that houses created in The Sims 2 could be exported as lots in Sim City 4?"
MaxisMyke: "There is a possibility, the Sims2 engine has the capability to do it, but it would require quite a bit of work to get it done properly. I doubt we will ship with this functionality, but its possible for an expansion."
You can read the complete transcript on this page on the SimCity website. Finally, there's a "Spring Garden Show" on the official site next week. If you think you are the best at creating gardens in The Sims, then make one using the game and expansions. Take pictures and create a family album on the official site. Submit the link to the album before "midnight Sunday, March 14 (probably in PST, which means it has to be in before 8 am on Sunday - or Monday if Maxis means the midnight at the end of Sunday - in the UK, or 9 am in Europe). The 25 best gardens will be selected and shown on the official site next week. For all the ins and outs, be sure to read this page.

[Update 12 March, 18:25] Maxis has updated the site a bit more. First of all there's the interview with Lyndsay McGaw. Maxis has posted this on their own website. You can click here to read it on the official site. The final part of the SimDay, is the Bustin' Out CD. All the music was already available for download, but now you can also download the cover art to make your CD look perfect. You can download these arts separately, together, or even together with all the music. Click here for all downloads.

Friday 12 March 2004
Sims 2 Site Intro Changed
Written at 18:52 by ChEeTaH - 4 comments.
It's happened before, and now again. Maxis has changed the flash intro on the Sims 2 website, and it's showing 10 new Sims (on 5 'slides') again. If you want to see some more fancy dresses, suits or haircuts on some groovy Sims, it's time to check that intro. You can find it on the flash index page of the Sims 2 website. Our affiliate SimsZone.de has also posted the pictures as separate screenshots. You can find those right here.

Saturday 13 March 2004
Sims 2 Artwork and Screenshot
Written at 02:35 by ChEeTaH - 3 comments.
Maxis has published a new artwork and a screenshot today. The artwork wishes everybody a happy St. Patrick's Day, while the other screenshot shows how much fun Sims can have in a spring garden, complete with pool. And if you pay attention to details, you'll notice the progress bar above the head of the kid in the pool. This probably means that children have skills too, with (probably, as in The Sims 1) the body skill being trained by swimming. Maxis has not yet talked about that though. You can view the images in their full size by clicking the thumbnails below.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Fun near the pool!
Sims 2 User-made Artwork
Written at 14:16 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
Our affiliate Sims Extremos has sent us an exclusive piece of art, in which you can see all the Sims in the current Flash intro on the official Sims 2 site. You can click the thumbnail below to see the graphic in its original size. Thanks again to Sims Extremos for this one.

Artwork by Sims Extremos
Bustin' Out N-Gage Preview & Movies
Written at 21:52 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Bustin' Out is coming out for the N-Gage in the second quarter of this year. As usual, gaming sites post previews, screenshots, and media. First of all there's a preview at GameSpy:
"Ruling over your sim and handcrafting the world around him or her is quite the experience. There are countless variables and options, so no two players will have the same experience. The Sims: Bustin' Out has already proven that the series can work its mojo on a handheld platform, as the GBA version was extremely well received when it released late last year."
They conclude with that this game may be the most important title for the N-Gage of 2004. As we reported before, EA thinks slightly different of it. Another gaming site, GameSpot, has posted some screenshots and 3 movies. Visit GameSpot's GameSpace page of the game for all their content. Finally, keep checking the N-Gage site for more information. We'll keep you posted. Thanks to SimsExtremos for the tip of the GameSpot movies.

Wednesday 17 March 2004
Sims 2 News
Written at 00:18 by ChEeTaH - 8 comments.
Luc's weekly e-mail has arrived again, and he's told us Maxis is "hard at work driving the bugs from The Sims 2, all so that we can bring you the best, most fun, and completely addictive simulation game on the planet in exchange for a wee nip from your pot o' gold.". Complete in St. Patrick's Day style (all green), he also told us a bit about the recent artwork and screenshot:
"To commemorate St. Patrick's Day, we have two brand new images for your enjoyment - the first [the artwork - ChEeTaH] features a cast of characters engaged in at least a couple of favorite pastimes common to pubs the world over, and the next features [that's the screenshot - ChEeTaH] a family called the Shenanigans enjoying a warm St. Patty's Day celebration in their back yard, bedecked in green apparel (except for one poor soul who looks like he's about to get a good pinch as a result of his unfortunate wardrobe choices)."
If you haven't seen them yet or just want to gaze at these images again, click here.

Thursday 18 March 2004
New Poll
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Last week we asked you about your favourite reality TV show. Out of 317 votes, 88 people (28%) said they don't watch any of the shows listed. The most popular show among Sims fans all over the world is Big Brother, with 51 votes (16%). Survivor came second (49 votes, 14%), and then The Osbournes or similar shows (34 votes, 11%). Back To Reality is the least popular with only 1 vote, which is far less than 1%. For all results, click here. This week we stick to TVs. Instead of asking about you, we would like to know your Sims' favourite TV channel. Let us know which one's watched the most in your game, by voting on the right or at this page.
Bustin' Out (N-Gage) screenshots
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A Spanish Gaming site, Meristation has published a couple of screenshots of Bustin' Out on N-Gage, together with a preview. Although I don't read Spanish, and thus cannot tell you what they're trying to say, you can check out the screenshots. Click here for the first page of the preview, then click the "Page 2 de 3" link at the bottom for more, and then "Page 3 de 3" for even more screenshots.
SimDay: Not much
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It's SimDay again, but not a very big one. Maxis is preparing for their move which will happen next week. However, there are a few things to mention. First of all the two graphics which we showed you last weekend. See that news item for those graphics. Next is the Bustin' Out CD. If you've followed it well, you already have one cd with all the art. The art for the second CD has also been posted, and you can now download that with or without the music of that CD. Click here to get it. If you don't have the first CD yet, you can download it from the same page. Altogether it's about 120 Mb. Finally, there's the Spring Garden Show, which was announced last week. If you want to see those beautiful Spring gardens, click here. That's all already for this week, and next week there won't be a SimDay due to the move. Maxis will be back on April Fool's day, so prepare for some kind of prank from them in 2 weeks.
Sims 2 Screenshots [Update]
Written at 20:07 by ChEeTaH - 3 comments.
Maxis has published 3 new screenshots, which will probably be included in the next e-mail of the newsletter. They show you what you can do with CaSIE, and how the "Sims 2 Body Shop" can be used to "add your own designs to Sim parts." Since it's been quite long ago that Maxis really talked about CaSIE, perhaps we can expect a release of it in a couple of weeks. Of course that's unconfirmed and it could also still take months for all we know. If you like to see some serious face paint on some Sims, make sure to check out this page. Click the first three thumbnails to see the new screenshots. Thanks to Sterics at SimsExpress for the tip.

[Update 22:45] Maxis seems to have taken the images offline already. We've taken the opportunity to post them after all, like several other sites have already done. Click the thumbnails below to see them completely.

A CaSIE screenshot Custom Sims - Screenshot 1 Custom Sims - Screenshot 2
TSO comes to Japan
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In the March issue of the TSO newsletter, Maxis has said that The Sims Online will be released in Japan next Saturday. Together with that announcement, they've also launched a Japanese website for TSO. This is slightly odd, as the game still has not been officially released in Europe yet. The game is considered a failure by many people, yet EA tries to gain more players this way. Japanese players will live in the same cities as all existing players. It's now possible to type in Japanese character in TSO. On another note, there's a new interview with a TSO developer (Walter Ianneo) at this page. If you want to try out the game, remember to download the free 14 day trial from FilePlanet.
McDonald's Object online
Written at 23:49 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Remember the McDonald's Preview CD of The Sims 2 that was given away quite some time ago? After posting some content already on 10 February, the popular website Snooty's Sims has posted a Sims 1 object from the same CD. You can find it on this page.

Friday 19 March 2004
The Add-on Handler: Translators wanted!
Written at 20:22 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
If you would like to help out the international Sims community, but don't know how yet, here's a chance! I'm looking for people who would like to translate one of my programs, The Add-on Handler. The next version, which is in progress, will have the option to be translated to other languages, using language files. That is to help all those people who are not so familiar with English to use the program just as easily as everybody else. I'm looking for people to translate the program for me, as my knowledge of foreign languages isn't too great. Read on (click "Read More" if necessary) for more information...
Read More!

Tuesday 23 March 2004
CaSIE (now "Body Shop") Update
Written at 12:19 by ChEeTaH - 3 comments.
It's a quiet time when it comes to news for The Sims, but we've got some major news. CaSIE, which has apparantly changed name again to "The Sims 2 Body Shop". The reason of the name change is unknown, but it could be to get rid of the confusion between "CaSIE" and the (in-game) "CaS". The current release date for this tool is set to May 2004, which means we'll have to wait another month and a bit. GameSpot has posted 3 new screenshots, of which one is of TS2BS. The other 2 are taken from the game, using custom Sims. Make sure to check them out. Recently we also gave you some screenshots which will probably be included in the next newsletter. The name "Body Shop" was already mentioned back then, but it wasn't clear that it was the new name of CaSIE yet.
Release Date News
Written at 22:46 by ChEeTaH - 5 comments.
There's a little update about the Sims 2 related release dates, with thanks to James Magenta for the tip. PC Zone has posted an article saying that the Body Shop will be available for free download from 10 May (which oddly enough isn't a SimDay). Maxis is - according to PC Zone - aiming for a release date of the full game in September. Note that we haven't been able to confirm these release dates yet, nor have we heard anything directly from Maxis. Also the game might be further delayed - we never know. It's a matter of patience and only time will tell...

Wednesday 24 March 2004
New Sims 2 Screenshots
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Spring has just started, but Maxis is in a Summer mood. They've sent GameSpy 7 new screenshots of The Sims 2, all of which are taken around a pool. On the screenshots you can see the new camera mode in action, and of course the brand new water. Dive along with the Sims and watch those screenshots!
2 new Sims articles
Written at 19:48 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Two news sites have recently published articles about The Sims. The first one comes from Wired and is about The Sims Online. There's a presential election coming soon to Alphaville. If you're interested in knowing about the plans of the possible new presidents, and more background info on the Alphaville Government, read the article. The other article comes from the Miami Herald. It focuses on what kind of "virtual fixation" The Sims is, and how dedicated some players are:
"So many people spend so much time creating and playing The Sims, that fans have become sensitive to a portrayal of them as 'freaks without lives.'

"Many observers point out that Sims players form valuable friendships and communities. And sociologists and industry experts say people can learn about juggling the elements of their lives from such simulation games."
Make sure to read all about that too right here.
Body Shop Details
Written at 22:39 by ChEeTaH - 3 comments.
The latest issue of the Sims 2 newsletter is out, and it's almost all about the Body Shop tool. It's now been confirmed that it was formerly known as CaSIE, and Maxis also revealed what CaSIE means: Create-a-Sim Independent Editor. However, that name doesn't matter anymore. What does, is a brand new concept of art, sent together with the letter. It's shown below. Other screenshots that were included were these three. There's also a link to the interview with Lyndsay McGaw. That's all for this month's newsletter.

The Body Shop Results

Thursday 25 March 2004
New Poll
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Sims watch TV, just like people. At least most Sims do. We asked about your Sims' favourite channel, and 309 people voted. The cartoons are the most popular, with 23% of the viewers, while the romance channel is second with 16% of the votes. About 14% prefers action, while 13% claims not to watch TV. With one vote less, the Entertainment channel followed with also about 13%. The last three results are close, with 14, 13 and 12 votes each (around 4-5%). Those last three are Sports, the Animal Show and the EP6 News channels. We also have a nice overview of the results.

The new poll is also in the entertainment category. We want to know what your favourite career in Superstar is. Let us know by voting on the right or on the latest poll page. Also make sure to check out our archive.
Luc Leaves Maxis (and gives some info away...)
Written at 12:50 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
In his latest weekly e-mail, Luc Barthelet has told us that he's leaving Maxis. The company that made The Sims is moving to a new location this week, and as it happens Luc is "also personally moving to new endeavors". It's still going to be within EA though, but it will be a while until we'll hear from Luc again: "I can say is that it will take a few years to come out and it will probably involve the Sims and other EA properties in a completely new way." Also, he announced a bit for the next E3 in May 2004. Luc says there's going to be another console version of The Sims this fall, which will be announced just before the E3. During the E3, you will be able to see it. The Sims 2 will be there for a second time too, but this time it's possible to play the latest Sims game. The E3 is the biggest gaming exposition in the world, held on 11-14 May in Los Angeles. A lot of games press will be around checking out all the latest games. If Luc will be there too is unsure, but Neil Young, who produced EA hit 'Return of the King' before, probably will be. He's taking over as General Manager at Maxis, doing what Barthelet has been doing since 1997. GameSpot has written an article about that move too. Lucy Bradshaw, Executive Producer of The Sims 2, will now be sending several websites the latest and greatest of the Sims 2 every week. In the "Read More" bit, I've copied Luc's complete e-mail, for the fans...
Read More!

New Sims 2 Screenshot
Written at 18:47 by ChEeTaH - 10 comments.
Maxis is moving, but still they're providing us with new screenshots. It looks a bit messy, as if the Sims only just moved in (coincidence?). That's all we have currently though. More information about it will probably follow soon. Click the thumbnail below to see the full shot.

Sims moving in?!

Monday 29 March 2004
2 Million Visitors!
Written at 18:37 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
After 2 years and 2 months since we started counting our visitors, The Sims Zone has reached another milestone. The counter just got to 2,000,000 unique visitors during the almost 775 days that were counted. Time for some statistics: since the launch on 17 November 2001, over 1300 newsposts were written. Almost 700 comments were made to newsposts since we launched the members area in February 2002. In the same time, over 7,300 member accounts were created, and about 900 of them have logged in in the past month. There have been more than 110 community news posts since July 2002, when we opened the community section. Members have posted about their updated sites about 230 times, while there are currently 100 links to sites by members. The 25 links on our Links page got close to 39,000 hits altogether from The Sims Zone, while our Affiliates do a little bit better. Our current affiliates are good for over a massive 70,000 (!) hits. We also started our popular Sim Brother in January 2002. Currently we're 3 series later, and during those 3 series Andy has written 244 daily reports and specials. During the history of The Sims Zone, we have posted more than 580 files, of which some also come from TheSimsFusion, the site this was before it became TSZ. When it comes to polls, we've also achieved quite a bit. Almost every week we post a new poll, and currently number 116 is running. Together they're worth close to 700 answers. In total, about 28,000 people have voted in all those polls. Finally, our most recently launched feature, the Knowledge base, has proven to be very popular. The more than 550 questions have resulted in a staggering 1150+ answers. In total, there are already almost 100,000(!) views to the questions in total. There are also more than 500 subscriptions to questions. Nice note is that there are the most questions in the Sims 2 section: it contains over 50% of all the questions! Most of the questions have been answered, but members are posting new questions and answers every day. That concludes this round of statistics. As time progresses The Sims Zone will continue to grow, and we're definitely ready for another 2 Million visitors. Keep visiting!

Tuesday 30 March 2004
Wright wins Fake Roses
Written at 00:27 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
The Sims is all about story telling - at least it's one of the main parts of the game. On the Game Developer's Conference 2004 Will Wright (creator of The Sims and SimCity), Warren Spector from Ion Storm (visionary behind Deus Ex and Thief), and Raph Koster the Creative Director of Sony Online Entertainment (who was instrumental in creating Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies) were put together, and they had to make a love story. It's of course not hard to imagine Will won. The prize: a dozen of fake red roses. If you want to know exactly how it all happened, make sure you read the whole article. Don't miss out on the included pictures!

Wednesday 31 March 2004
Sims 2 Chat with Lucy
Written at 18:29 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
Lucy Bradshaw will be joining the fortnightly chat tomorrow on the official site to talk about The Sims 2. Lucy is the executive producer of The Sims 2, and it looks like she will also take over the chatting from Luc now he's left Maxis. The chat will be held at 3pm PST, and due to Daylight Savings, it's an hour later as usual in Europe where the clock's been set forward an hour last weekend. That means it'll be midnight in the UK when the chat starts, and 1am in most of Europe. If you have anything to ask her, make sure you'll be there. You can login from the homepage of the site.