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Maxis on the Move
Maxis is on the move. The company that's been based in Walnut Creek (California) for years is moving to Redwood Shores, near EA's headquarters. Luc Barthelet has told that in an e-mail to the community. The main reason given is that space in the current office is getting scarcer by the month, and they simply need more. The new location "comes with a whole host of benefits for our staff, such as an on-site gym, cafeterias, a movie theatre, and most importantly – space to work and grow." Now let's hope the teams don't spend too much time in the cageterias or movie theatre, but Luc Barthelet guarantees that this won't affect the release dates of their games. However some sceptics might say that the release dates have been put back already some time ago... No matter what the real reason is though, you can join Luc on a "farewell tour" at this page. Fans can also check out an older tour from the SimCity 3000 Unlimited website, which is right here.

Written at 01:05 on Thursday, 12 February 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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