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SimDay Report
This SimDay comes with not too much compared to others. As (almost) usual, there are some new MP3s from Bustin' Out. This time there are 3 from the GBA version. You can click here to download the new songs, as well as all the 27 old ones. Next there is some news from probably the biggest fansite of The Sims in the world: TheSimsResource. They're launching a new easy installation tool for their site next weekend, and will be celebrating that with a Super weekend. Over 6,500 of their downloads will be available for free. Visit TSR for more information. Then there's news from the BBS. The first thing is a compilation of messages from user Pavlog_dog, who "peers into her crystal ball" and reveals secrets about Maxoids, but also delivers some recipes. Check out her posts at this page. Another link to the BBS is given, to a thread-in-rhyme. If you can say in rhyme what you'd like to see in The Sims 2, or read what others want, click here. Finally some Sims 2 stuff, which isn't really new. The official site has now also posted recent material like some screenshots and filmstrips. They've also posted an archive of The Sims 2 Newsletter (the Inside Scoop), with all the e-mails sent there of the past few months. If you aren't subscribed to the newsletter, lost the e-mails or just want to read them again, you can do so right here. That's all again for this week, more (including a Sims 2 chat) next week.

Written at 14:43 on Thursday, 4 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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