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2 new Sims articles
Two news sites have recently published articles about The Sims. The first one comes from Wired and is about The Sims Online. There's a presential election coming soon to Alphaville. If you're interested in knowing about the plans of the possible new presidents, and more background info on the Alphaville Government, read the article. The other article comes from the Miami Herald. It focuses on what kind of "virtual fixation" The Sims is, and how dedicated some players are:
"So many people spend so much time creating and playing The Sims, that fans have become sensitive to a portrayal of them as 'freaks without lives.'

"Many observers point out that Sims players form valuable friendships and communities. And sociologists and industry experts say people can learn about juggling the elements of their lives from such simulation games."
Make sure to read all about that too right here.

Written at 19:48 on Wednesday, 24 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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