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Back on a new Server [Update]
Some of you may have noticed some downtime the past couple of hours. That's because the site was transferred to a new server (we're now with a host that offers more bandwidth than our previous one for the same price), and we had to take some time to make sure the files etc. on the new server were all up to date. Everything has now been transferred, and a few files which were deleted without me knowing about it have been restored as well. That means it's now possible to post comments to community news again. Furthermore, we now have a couple of subdomains so you can access parts of the site even easier. They work for both our .co.uk and .com domains, but I'll list them as .co.uk here: Of course all the old URLs still work as well. Furthermore nothing should be different than before, except that you may notice some difference in the loading speed of the pages. If you notice any errors on the site, please e-mail me with as many details as you can give me. Thank you.

[Update 14:15] It seems that the subdomains aren't working for everybody yet, but that they in some cases show a "Default Plesk Page". That page doesn't come from us (since this server doesn't run Plesk), and I don't know what is causing the problem exactly (it could be that the DNS databases aren't all up-to-date yet). We hope that this problem will solve itself automatically within the next few hours.

Written at 13:42 on Wednesday, 10 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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