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EA Doesn't Like N-Gage?
Remarkable news comes from GamerFeed. According to that site, EA President John Riccitiello has compared Nokia's N-Gage to a dog. He states it "just feels stupid" and that the game deck/cell phone has flawed. Yet EA has 5 titles planned to be released on the N-Gage later this year, of which The Sims Bustin' Out is one. Reccitiello has said unit productions of those games are "non-meaningful" thus far. An upgraded N-Gage edition will be released around Christmas 2005, and a "real judgement should not be made" until then, says Nokia Chief Executive Jorma Ollila. Riccitiello also said that Nokia will once be successful in the gaming industry, but they "haven't figured it out yet." For the whole article (and a few more quotes), click here.

Written at 13:33 on Wednesday, 3 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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