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Sims 2 Artwork and Screenshot
Maxis has published a new artwork and a screenshot today. The artwork wishes everybody a happy St. Patrick's Day, while the other screenshot shows how much fun Sims can have in a spring garden, complete with pool. And if you pay attention to details, you'll notice the progress bar above the head of the kid in the pool. This probably means that children have skills too, with (probably, as in The Sims 1) the body skill being trained by swimming. Maxis has not yet talked about that though. You can view the images in their full size by clicking the thumbnails below.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Fun near the pool!

Written at 02:35 on Saturday, 13 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 23:19 on Wednesday, 17 March 2004 by Jessica (Pink)
These are wicked screen shots! I was also wondering then that if Maxis are busy taking the bugs out of the game, does it mean the sims will be out in the shops soon? nudge nudge wink wink...... Luv Pink xxx ;)

Written at 23:26 on Wednesday, 17 March 2004 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
Bug fixing is quite a time consuming process, so it doesn't really mean anything yet. Once a release date is known Maxis will announce it and we'll tell you about it.


Webmaster of this site
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Written at 23:49 on Monday, 22 March 2004 by simsfan
These pictures are awesome, but how long does it take to fix bugs? I hope it will be by June or July because its becoming harder to wait.=)

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