73,813,264 visitors since 2 February 2002 

2 Million Visitors!
After 2 years and 2 months since we started counting our visitors, The Sims Zone has reached another milestone. The counter just got to 2,000,000 unique visitors during the almost 775 days that were counted. Time for some statistics: since the launch on 17 November 2001, over 1300 newsposts were written. Almost 700 comments were made to newsposts since we launched the members area in February 2002. In the same time, over 7,300 member accounts were created, and about 900 of them have logged in in the past month. There have been more than 110 community news posts since July 2002, when we opened the community section. Members have posted about their updated sites about 230 times, while there are currently 100 links to sites by members. The 25 links on our Links page got close to 39,000 hits altogether from The Sims Zone, while our Affiliates do a little bit better. Our current affiliates are good for over a massive 70,000 (!) hits. We also started our popular Sim Brother in January 2002. Currently we're 3 series later, and during those 3 series Andy has written 244 daily reports and specials. During the history of The Sims Zone, we have posted more than 580 files, of which some also come from TheSimsFusion, the site this was before it became TSZ. When it comes to polls, we've also achieved quite a bit. Almost every week we post a new poll, and currently number 116 is running. Together they're worth close to 700 answers. In total, about 28,000 people have voted in all those polls. Finally, our most recently launched feature, the Knowledge base, has proven to be very popular. The more than 550 questions have resulted in a staggering 1150+ answers. In total, there are already almost 100,000(!) views to the questions in total. There are also more than 500 subscriptions to questions. Nice note is that there are the most questions in the Sims 2 section: it contains over 50% of all the questions! Most of the questions have been answered, but members are posting new questions and answers every day. That concludes this round of statistics. As time progresses The Sims Zone will continue to grow, and we're definitely ready for another 2 Million visitors. Keep visiting!

Written at 18:37 on Monday, 29 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 12:09 on Thursday, 1 April 2004 by Matt (TSZ) (Matt)
I think ChEeTaH and the rest of the active TSZ team deserve a big CONGRATULATIONS!

Keep up the good work guys, the community appreciates it!

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