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2 Awards for The Sims
The Sims has won 2 awards, again. Yesterday the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences held the "7th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards". They gave away 36 awards in different categories. Maxis was nominated twice, in the categories "Family Game of the Year" (for Bustin' Out) and "Computer Simulation Game of the Year" (Superstar). As you can guess, Maxis has won in both categories. EA took home another 9 awards, making a total of 11. This is the third year in a row that a Sims title was nominated for an award in this show, but the second year that Maxis actually won anything. Last year, Maxis won in the categories "PC Massively Multiplayer / Persistent World" (TSO) and "PC Simulation" (Unleashed). The "Computer Innovation" award, which Hot Date was nominated for two years ago, went to Black & White in 2002. But 2002 wasn't a complete loss for Maxis: Will Wright got into the AIAS Hall of Fame back then, as you can read here. For more information, visit the IAA Website. Thanks to WorldSims for the tip.

Written at 19:20 on Friday, 5 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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