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Sims 2 Preview disc at McDonalds [Update]
If you live in the USA and stopy by at the McDonalds to eat, you can also get a new preview disc of The Sims 2 by LidRock. The CD contains a sneak preview of The Sims, some exclusive items for The Sims, a Sims Pinball game, the Desktop Gnome (from Makin' Magic), and, exclusive to the cd, a cheat code for Bustin' Out on the PS2 and an all-new Sims 2 mini-game. It's available since yesterday, for a limited time only. For more information, click here.

[Update 21.30] As The Sims Resource 2 reports, the CD's will only be sold in participating McDonald's in the Atlanta area. You might also be able to find some at eBay. Meanwhile, with thanks to Hikikomori, you can download the Sims pinball game at this page. Perhaps the other exclusives will be made available as download as well later.

Written at 13:33 on Tuesday, 27 January 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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