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Last week we asked you about your favourite reality TV show. Out of 317 votes, 88 people (28%) said they don't watch any of the shows listed. The most popular show among Sims fans all over the world is Big Brother, with 51 votes (16%). Survivor came second (49 votes, 14%), and then The Osbournes or similar shows (34 votes, 11%). Back To Reality is the least popular with only 1 vote, which is far less than 1%. For all results, click here. This week we stick to TVs. Instead of asking about you, we would like to know your Sims' favourite TV channel. Let us know which one's watched the most in your game, by voting on the right or at this page.

Written at 01:00 on Thursday, 18 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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