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Small SimDay [Update]
It's SimDay again, but this time it's not very big. The main news is that there are two brand new screenshots of The Sims 2. Swinging and swimming Sims can be seen now, in close-up with the new camera mode. To view those shots, click here. Then there's a link to a thread on the BBS started by SimMasterKatikins. If you can tell why you want The Sims 2 using the first leters of the colors of the rainbow (R, O, Y, G, B, I, V), or want to read why others want it, click here. And although the (not so very busy) chat last night was about the SimCity BAT tool, there was one interesting question asked about how The Sims 2 and SimCity might work together:
Da_Fitz: "Is there a possibility that houses created in The Sims 2 could be exported as lots in Sim City 4?"
MaxisMyke: "There is a possibility, the Sims2 engine has the capability to do it, but it would require quite a bit of work to get it done properly. I doubt we will ship with this functionality, but its possible for an expansion."
You can read the complete transcript on this page on the SimCity website. Finally, there's a "Spring Garden Show" on the official site next week. If you think you are the best at creating gardens in The Sims, then make one using the game and expansions. Take pictures and create a family album on the official site. Submit the link to the album before "midnight Sunday, March 14 (probably in PST, which means it has to be in before 8 am on Sunday - or Monday if Maxis means the midnight at the end of Sunday - in the UK, or 9 am in Europe). The 25 best gardens will be selected and shown on the official site next week. For all the ins and outs, be sure to read this page.

[Update 12 March, 18:25] Maxis has updated the site a bit more. First of all there's the interview with Lyndsay McGaw. Maxis has posted this on their own website. You can click here to read it on the official site. The final part of the SimDay, is the Bustin' Out CD. All the music was already available for download, but now you can also download the cover art to make your CD look perfect. You can download these arts separately, together, or even together with all the music. Click here for all downloads.

Written at 12:33 on Thursday, 11 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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