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The Sims has been compared to Big Brother a lot, and in a way is a reality video game. But there are many reality shows on TV, too many to list. We've made a selection of popular shows, and wonder what your favourite is. Let us know and vote on the right, or at this page.

The previous poll was about the screenshots of The Sims 2. As many probably expected, the "Awesome! They rock!" option won. And big time: it got 72% of the votes. "They're looking quite good" came second with 'just' 21%. "I think they're alright, but not too great either." got 12 of the 220 votes, which makes 5%. "I don't really like them" and "I'm not interested in them at all" were tied with 1 vote each, making just 0.45% of the total amount. The "Blah, they look crappy" option got one more vote than that, and stays just under 1%. A nice overview can be found on this page.

Written at 01:00 on Thursday, 11 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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