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The Add-on Handler: Translators wanted!
If you would like to help out the international Sims community, but don't know how yet, here's a chance! I'm looking for people who would like to translate one of my programs, The Add-on Handler. The next version, which is in progress, will have the option to be translated to other languages, using language files. That is to help all those people who are not so familiar with English to use the program just as easily as everybody else. I'm looking for people to translate the program for me, as my knowledge of foreign languages isn't too great. Read on (click "Read More" if necessary) for more information...

The program is getting pretty big, which means there's quite a lot to be translated. First of all, there will be approximately 400-500 lines of texts (which is an estimate, I haven't collected everything yet) in the program itself. The readme file should also be translated. There are also a few small files to be translated, which shouldn't be too much work. Most of the installation can be done using NSIS, which has some features already. However, I estimate about 20-25 custom lines of texts will need translation too. Many of these lines are quite short though, in quite some cases even just one or two words per line. It sounds like a lot more than it really is.

Of course you'll get something in return, even though the work is voluntary. Translators will be mentioned in the credits. You will also be able to test a version of the program which isn't out yet. Last, but definitely not least, is the appreciation from the internation Sims community which you'll get. All you have to do for that is the translating mentioned above, nothing else. I will take care that everything's included in the program. There will be one version of the program, in which the user can select their language of preference during the installation.

If you're interested, and have a good knowledge of your home language and English, e-mail me with the following information:
  • Your name, as it should appear in the credits, readme file, etc.
  • The language you want to translate to.
  • If you have any experience with The Add-on Handler already.
  • Which expansion packs for The Sims you have.
  • Any other info that you think is relevant.
It is not necessary to apply for translations to Dutch, as I will do that myself. All other languages are still needed though! Note that it's no use if you're planning to use translation bots like a babelfish. You have to manually translate everything yourself.

So, contact me now and you'll get the necessary details from me as soon as possible!
Written at 20:22 on Friday, 19 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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