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SimDay: Not much
It's SimDay again, but not a very big one. Maxis is preparing for their move which will happen next week. However, there are a few things to mention. First of all the two graphics which we showed you last weekend. See that news item for those graphics. Next is the Bustin' Out CD. If you've followed it well, you already have one cd with all the art. The art for the second CD has also been posted, and you can now download that with or without the music of that CD. Click here to get it. If you don't have the first CD yet, you can download it from the same page. Altogether it's about 120 Mb. Finally, there's the Spring Garden Show, which was announced last week. If you want to see those beautiful Spring gardens, click here. That's all already for this week, and next week there won't be a SimDay due to the move. Maxis will be back on April Fool's day, so prepare for some kind of prank from them in 2 weeks.

Written at 13:32 on Thursday, 18 March 2004 by ChEeTaH.

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