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News Archive - May, 2002
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Wednesday 1 May 2002
A New Set of Downtown Walls and Floors
Written at 20:18 by Bettyjoe - 1 comment.
Hi... I know it is about time your hear from me. I have had computer problems, but I think I have a handle on them now, so I have just posted a new set of marble walls and floors which will add elegance to your downtown area or a Sims' mansion. Click Here
TSZ is moving
Written at 23:45 by ChEeTaH - 2 comments.
Next week there will be a few slight changes coming to The Sims Zone: we are moving servers. The Sims Zone will be running one two separate servers, one for the files and several images, and another one for the actual pages. However, there will be no extreme changes. Some advantages are (expected) overall better performance of the site, especially in peak hours, and registration (to become a The Sims Zone member) will also work again soon after the move.
Read More!

Thursday 2 May 2002
3 Objects Added
Written at 05:08 by Ryan - 1 comment.
Tonight I've added 3 Tombstone objects, these objects were requested objects. I'm now trying to put something on every other day so be sure to check back often. Click Here to view the my newest objects.
Another Poll
Written at 16:17 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
After last week's poll with a stunning 1901 votes, comes a follow-up: this week we ask you what the worst expansion pack is. Is it Livin' Large, House Party, Hot Date or Vacation? Case your vote on the right or over here. It was close, but 463 think Hot Date is the best expansion pack for The Sims ever made. Runner-up is Vacation with 447 votes. Nearly one third of the people think all expansions are good with a total of 628 votes for that option. The least people find House Party the best: only 95 votes for that. These and all other results can be found in the poll archive.
Written at 18:55 by Steve - 0 comments.
Submissions are now not going to be accepted until after the server move. This is to ensure that all files are moved successfully, and if I do keep getting submissions then unfortunately they may become misplaced during the move.
Submissions will be accepted again as soon as the server move has completed.
2 New Objects Added
Written at 18:57 by Carrie - 0 comments.
I have added 2 new requested objects today. They are the Holsimer KidsWear Bed and Holsimer KidsWear Nightstand. If you haven't already done so, be sure to also download the matching Holsimer KidsWear Dresser!
SimDay Report: New object again
Written at 20:04 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Not a lot this SimDay: There's been another community update (and this site isn't in it anymore), the announcement of SimCity 4000 (more information here) and a new object: the "Vacation Island Beach Blanket". With it, you can get your Sims in the shade instead of in the burning sun on the beach. Simply download the 792 Kb big file from here. Another SimDay will be at the official site next week...

Saturday 4 May 2002
TSO Update
Written at 22:06 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
The official site of The Sims Online has had a major update. Besides some changes in the design, there are 6 brand new articles which describe the development and some of the gameplay of this upcoming title. These include articles written by Will Wright himself. The articles describe the careers, roommates, creating a sim, "Meet the Gizmo" and the Pizza Job Object. There's also an update in "The State of the S.I.M.M.", which tracks the development progress. That article gives us a bit about the estimated required system specifications:
  • 450MHz CPU
  • 64MB RAM
  • 1,000MB disk space
  • 28K modem
  • Win98 or better

    For all articles and more information, visit The Sims Online.

  • Tuesday 7 May 2002
    One More SV Review
    Written at 23:42 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    This time GameSpy's the one who reviewed the Sims' latest expansion pack. It's criticising the game for the errors that have to be fixed (the bugs), and even the surnames of the families:
    "Vacation visitors no longer all have the same name. Instead, the families are all named after authors. Someone at Maxis was definitely a science fiction and fantasy fan, so expect to see people with last names like Le Guin and Turtledove. It's better than Hot Date's Townies, if a little disconcerting."
    Want to read more? Have a look here.

    Friday 10 May 2002
    Late SimDay Report: Nothing new
    Written at 00:30 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    This week's simday is definately not a lot. As we reported earlier, the TSO site has had an update. More information can be found here, and The Sims Online's website can be visited at thesimsonline.ea.com. That is all for this quiet week. Maxis is probably getting themselves ready for the E3 expo later this month...
    Update on the move
    Written at 00:37 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    A few problems have occured with the move, so the move is slightly delayed. We will move to the new servers as soon as possible, and it will be within a week. Until then, there won't be any updates anymore. We hope to have moved soon. The move may mean that the site is down for about a day, but expect us back better than ever. We apologise for this delay and any downtime you encounter. Please be patient until we're back.

    Wednesday 15 May 2002
    Back online!
    Written at 21:00 by the Webmaster - 1 comment.
    The Sims Zone is now back online! We've successfully moved over to our new servers. Member Registration is now working again, so if you're not registered yet: go register now and have exclusive access to part of this site (currently only the posting of comments, but that'll be much more in the future). Everything else should be working as normal again, but we'll keep watching this site for any problems. We also apologise for any inconvenience caused by downtime and the lack of updates the past week. We are back now, and will go on as before... and better! Many thanks go out to Jevon for sorting it all out and basically being the main tech-dude at The Sims Zone.

    With the move came a few things: first of all, we have our own SV review now! It's a must-read for all those who don't have this expansion pack yet, and for all Sim Brother fans too! Besides that, we have expanded the team with 3 new staff members who will be introducing themselves soon. More details about them will follow later. Also, you might have noticed that there are no advertising banners yet, unlike announced here earlier. These have been delayed a while, but they will be here. They are required to help us out with the costs of hosting.
    Now It's Our Turn!
    Written at 21:00 by Andy - 1 comment.

    You've seen all of the other reviews. Now it's our turn to tell you what we think of "Vacation/On Holiday" and what Anne Robinson, Tony Blair & Anna Kournikova thought of their vacations.

    You can read it here!

    Thursday 16 May 2002
    Meet The Newbies
    Written at 01:54 by Andy - 0 comments.
    I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the three new staff members who have just joined us. These three have been hired by us on the virtue of the quality of their work.

    William joins us as our second Lot Designer and two of his lots for Vacation Island will be appearing on the site shortly.

    T J is our second Object Designer. He has experience with Blueprint and T-Mog and we are looking forward to good things.

    Sumit is our second Walls/Floor Designer. He used to be the webmaster of Century Sims and he is now giving us his expertise.

    I welcome our Newbies to TSZ and am sure that you will be impressed with their contributions for you to download.
    Where are you from?
    Written at 11:32 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    You might've already noticed the new poll on the right. This time we ask you where in the world you live. To cast your vote, look on the right or go to this page. As for the old poll, which ran 2 weeks because of the move: you find Livin' Large to be the worst expansion pack for The Sims with 139 votes. Runner up is House Party (127 votes), but is it happy with that? Third and fourth places are for Vacation (67) and Hot Date (49) which is generally found the best one - even with all the problems. 80 of the 438 people said they didn't have any expansions, and another 16 said they didn't like any of the expansion packs. For the full results, go to the archive.
    The Sims on PlayStation 2
    Written at 11:39 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
    Maxis has added another game to their upcoming releases list. It's not a complete new game though, but it'll be The Sims on PlayStation 2. It is to be released later this year, in the last quarter of 2002. It will have more enhanced 3D graphics than the PC version - which is already over 2 years old - and level-based gameplay. More information will be given during the E3 at 21 to 24 May. The Sims for PS2 is added to a list which also contains The Sims Online and SimCity 4, both to be released later this year. Maxis is going for a busy year... and next year? The Sims 2, SimUniverse and maybe even SimGolf for the Europeans?
    Newbie TJ
    Written at 14:48 by TJ - 3 comments.
    Hey. I'm TJ, and I make objects for TSZ. I've been learning how to skin, so you will see some of those too. I just added the first object I ever made with blueprint. It is the Triple Layer Table. Click the picture to check it out.
    Simday Report: Magazine feature
    Written at 20:31 by ChEeTaH - 2 comments.
    Not a real big SimDay this time. All there's to be discussed is a feature in the Computer Games magazine. "Simply Monumental - The Sims, The Phenomenon, The Future" is what we can read on the cover of the latest issue, which shows Mount Sims - Mount Rushmore with Sim-faces. A few articles inside this cover deal with the upcoming titles The Sims Online and SimCity 4, the community (and fansites), the games Maxis made in the past, something about speaking Simlish and an interesting read about who is playing the best-selling game ever: The Sims. Besides that, there's an interview with Will Wright, of which a part can be read at Mall of The Sims (for free). Basically that's all for this SimDay, which didn't really add anything for those not being able to buy the latest issue of Computer Games.

    SimDays are getting quiet again, so it seems. Over a year ago Andy wrote a series of three articles at TheSimsFusion (which is now this site) about "What happened to SimDay". Those articles can still be found in the editorials archive. Remember that these editorials were written even before House Party was released.
    Submissions Now Accepted
    Written at 22:43 by Steve - 0 comments.
    The server move is over, and all the downloads should now work.
    Submissions are being accepted again, so send them in so we can continue to provide the Simming community with brilliant original downloads.
    If you do find a download which does not work then tell me about it, otherwise it won't be fixed!
    E-mail me.

    Remember to read the Submission guidelines before sending files in.


    Friday 17 May 2002
    6 months The Sims Zone!
    Written at 15:00 by the Webmaster - 0 comments.
    It seemed only yesterday when this site, The Sims Zone, launched, but actually that day was already 6 months ago! The first news post here was written on 17 November 2001. We launched with this news item, and the release of The Neighborhood Handler 3.5 (of which two more versions were released later on). It was not a completely fresh start though: the history of The Sims Zone is longer than you think... If you want to know more, then read this article.
    Ad Banners are here
    Written at 23:56 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    As you have probably already noticed, advertising banners have appeared at The Sims Zone. This will often be The Sims Zone's own banner for now, but there should be other banners soon too. Everytime the banner gets clicked, we get a bit of money, with which we will pay for the hosting of this site. Although the ad-free time is gone at The Sims Zone - unfortunately - this doesn't mean we'll become a paysite anytime soon. We will try to keep it like this as long as we can, and might become a paysite only if costs get extremely high. The banners should help us out for a long while.

    Saturday 18 May 2002
    Two new Vacation Lots
    Written at 23:46 by William - 6 comments.
    Hello, Newbie William here with my first two Vacation Lots for you. If you like to fish then check out Dew Drop Inn. It's the best fishing hole on the island. If boats are more your speed then check out The Harbor for a fun filled day.

    Sunday 19 May 2002
    Late SV reviews
    Written at 00:39 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    From GameSpot Australia and TFH Gaming there's more to read about the Sims' latest expansion: Vacation. Over a month after its release, these two sites have now also reviewed this game. GameSpot gave it a score of 7, while TFH Gaming thought it's worth a high 92%. The last one has noticed that it doesn't crash as often as Hot Date did, GameSpot talks about the souvenirs and the similarity between SV and HD (and more of course). To read the review of GameSpot, go here. For the TFH Gaming one, click here. Our own review can be read here.

    Monday 20 May 2002
    Decor that says Howdy!
    Written at 04:40 by Sumit - 3 comments.
    Howdy! I live in Houston, Texas. No I don't live in a desert or any other stereotype, but the accents and the pride in Texas is all too true. So I have added some walls from down here in Texas! For you country lovin' sims, let them dance to this. And also check out the Luca Tile that just makes you wanna say "bonjour".

    Tuesday 21 May 2002
    An Object For Your Sims
    Written at 05:23 by TJ - 1 comment.
    I've just added another one of my blueprint objects. It is the Fiery Fighter 2000. Every Sim needs a fire hydrant, right? Click the picture to check it out.
    More info about PS2 Sims
    Written at 18:07 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    Maxis has released an official press release about The Sims on the Playstation 2 platform, giving us more information about it. As mentioned earlier, the gameplay would be more level-based, and the graphics would be 3D. Extra information this time includes that you can also play the game with 2 players, that there will be objects exclusive to the PS2 version (like a Bug Zapper and a strip poker game). There will also be a number of 'wacky' neighbours to interact with, neighbours never seen on the PC before. To read the full press release, go to this page.
    International HD Patch
    Written at 18:11 by ChEeTaH - 5 comments.
    For everybody who has Hot Date, but not Vacation, there's good news. For those outside the US anyway: The international versions of the Hot Date patch are finally available. 3 months after the release of the second US patch, everybody can now fix most of the bugs (as in errors, not roaches) in Hot Date. Fixed is that the old prude shows up downtown, you can get the Bay Window too, and your Sims will get stuck less often. The patch, which is included in the Vacation (On Holiday) Expansion pack, is about 4.6 Mb big. To get it, visit this page on the official site.
    Simgames.co.uk Relaunch
    Written at 21:18 by Steve - 0 comments.
    The sim website Simgames.co.uk has just been re-launched, with new content to be added soon.
    They hope to provide downloads, news, articles, hints and tips and some other things.

    Also hosted and made by the webmaster of Simgames.co.uk is Simniser, which has been unavailable for sometime. This is now available again, however it has not been, and there are no plans for it to be updated, which is ashame, as it was a useful program.

    First screens of PS2 The Sims
    Written at 23:33 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    The E3 - the biggest expo of computer and video games worldwide - has kicked off! Many gaming companies, under which of course Electronic Arts and its devisions (like Maxis), will show off their games and allow people to see a first preview of those new games. GameSpot UK has something interesting for us too: The Sims on PS 2 screenshots. There are 4 screenshots, which show some Sims - in 3D. One shot shows how you create them, the other 3 shots are some general gameplay shots. For those who can't wait (all of you?): pay this page a visit. Thanks to Matthew Eastaugh, who worked for this site before, for giving the link to this news.

    Thursday 23 May 2002
    E3 Impressions
    Written at 00:41 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    The E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo, the biggest games-showcase in the world) has started again. This yearly event is highly visited every time, and every games-site and magazine will do some coverage. EA shows, besides games like Black & White 2 (Lionhead), SimCity 4 (Maxis), 1503 AD (Sunflowers), and many other games, also The Sims on Playstation2 and The Sims Online. The Sims on Playstation2 has already been shown on the E3, and a few sites have mentioned it now...
    Read More!

    Still some TSO news
    Written at 01:05 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    Although The Sims Online hasn't appeared at the E3 yet, the official TSO site has posted some news - and 3 new screenshots! They tell us how this upcoming online game will be shown: at 'Club Sims'. That basically is THE place to be when visiting the EA booth at the E3. The next few days, most Sims-news will come from right there. We can read that for instance guests will be invited to play the Sims Online. More information - and an E3 coverage - can be found at the TSO official site.
    New Sims PS2 Shots
    Written at 12:21 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    The EA website has a special E3 Section online, in which you can find info about the games shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA. There also is - of course - a bit of info about The Sims on the PS2 platform. With that info come also two new screenshots. One of them shows a couple of sims in a hot tub that we all know so well, and the other one shows two sims spending some time playing music and with trains. To visit The Sims' E3 section, and to see the screenshots, visit the Sims PS2 Page at EA. Another small bit of news is that the GamePro Magazine already has a preview of the game in their August issue. Expect much more news on this game and The Sims Online for 2-3 days.
    The Sims PS2 Poll
    Written at 20:32 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    It's thursday again, and usually that means two things: SimDay and a new poll here at TSZ. Although the poll is a bit late, SimDay was a few days early (the Sims on PS2 announcement and the HD Patch). But now: the results of the last poll: it's not a real surprise most of the visitors come from the USA or Canada (88 of 189 votes). 74 people come from Europe, of which 40 from the UK. 10 people who voted live down under and 9 people from Africa, Antartica or somewhere else. Only 2 visitors came from the middle or south America. All results are here in the archive.

    As you've probably noticed: there's a lot of news about The Sims on PlayStation2 which is showed at the E3. That's why we want to know: will you buy this game, or wait for The Sims 2 on PC, or won't you buy it at all? For those who don't know: it seems that The Sims on PS2 has some things that will probably appear in The Sims 2 (officially not yet confirmed) too. Cast your vote on the right or over here.
    E3 Today: The Sims Online
    Written at 21:46 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    Yesterday The Sims' PS2 version was shown at the E3. Today it was TSO's turn to show off itself at the EA Stands. This upcoming online version of The Sims is set to be released in November this year. New information include screenshots, articles and movies. In the articles we can also get an estimation of the costs of The Sims Online. The Sims Zone will cover info provided by GameSpot and pc.ign.com again, like yesterday...

    Update 21:30: Another article was found at GameSpy (More inside)...
    Read More!

    Friday 24 May 2002
    Pre-order TSO, The Sims (PS2) and Hot Date (Mac)
    Written at 00:25 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    For all those who can't wait for the upcoming The Sims games, there's some good news. You can now pre-order The Sims Online, The Sims on PS 2 and Hot Date for the Mac. This last one is to be released 31 May, and is in its final stages of development. You can pre-order it for $29.95 at Aspyr or for $28.49 (excluding shipping costs) at Amazon. For people outside the US, check Aspyr's Internation Distributors List. Then there's good news for all PlayStation2 owners who want The Sims and live in the UK. Are you one of those, then make sure you check out Play.com. Here you can already pre-order the UK version of The Sims for 34.99 - that's with a 10 discount. A US version hasn't been spotted yet. Thanks to Matthew again for this bit of news. The probable release date is 1 November 2002, but this can still change. UK visitors should be familiar with that, as SimGolf has been delayed quite a couple of times (it'll quite definately be released 30 May 2002). Finally: The Sims Online. This game can already be pre-ordered at Amazon too. For $49.99 (excl. shipping costs) it's yours as soon as it's released. The release date is not yet confirmed, but the page says 1 December 2002. This game can only be shipped in the US yet, just like Hot Date (Mac). Keep checking your favourite online or offline store for more information of when these games will be available.
    Europe not online with The Sims?
    Written at 12:20 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
    From the german sites SimsZone.De and 4Players we can read that The Sims Online might not be released in Europe, not for now anyway. However, an official statement hasn't been given yet, and a reason why it wouldn't be released in Europe is unknown too. It could be the problems with paying, but details are very vague. Maybe the game will be released here later, but maybe not even at all. Of course we'll tell you more as soon as we know more. Details are very sketchy yet, but we hope to know more soon.

    [Update 15:55] After calling EA, I got some answers to questions you might have. First of all, The Sims Online will (quite) definately not be released in Europe. The reason given was that not enough people in Europe are interested in it. That could be because people would have to pay to a company in the US. The support guy told me that it wouldn't be possible to let people pay to the EA department in their region, as costs for that would be too high. This is definately a disappointment for all European Sims fans. Of course, that does not mean we will not cover TSO. In fact, any news about it will appear on this site.
    E3 Sim Videos
    Written at 18:14 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    A few videos of upcoming sim-games have been posted at Games.IGN.Com. There is a video of SimCity 4, The Sims Online (canceled for Europe!) and The Sims on PS2. As you can see in the Sims Online video: social interactions are really important in the game. It's not a game as we know it, and the gameplay seems to be different from the regular Sims. That video can be found here (QuickTime required). As for the Sims PS2: The title this page says "The Sims: Hands-on". This could be the actual name for this game, and we'll be using that from now on (until a new name is known). Along with an article, there's a video. According to the reviewer it looks good, the concept is a bit wacky but it looks good on the screen. They also describe the gameplay a bit more in the same article. To read that article, click here, or to see the video right away, click here. Finally, the 5 SimCity 4 videos can be seen from this page. All videos require QuickTime to be played. That was the last day of the E3. A bit more might just follow later today, but don't expect too much anymore...

    Saturday 25 May 2002
    New expansion pack coming?
    Written at 21:22 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    Although TSO is most likely canceled in Europe, there's still a bit of nice news for all the Sims fans there (and everywhere else in the world): a new expansion pack for The Sims might be coming. Rumours go that "The Sims: Unleashed" will be this new expansion, and it should be released in October of this year. Very little is yet known about this, nothing is confirmed yet too. The only thing that is known is the title. Of course, we'll keep you updated. Other upcoming Sims titles are The Sims Online (US Only probably - later this year), The Sims Hands On (PS2 - later this year) and The Sims 2 (not officially announced, release date unknown). For the Europeans SimGolf will be released there 30 May, so within one week from now.
    TSO E3 Update Day 3
    Written at 21:31 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    At the official TSO site another E3 update has appeared last night. It links to several articles on other sites which have previewed The Sims Online there. There's even one article with an interview with Will Wright on TechTV. Another article from TechTV, and others from GameSpot and GameSpy are reviews of TSO as we've seen before. To see this E3 Update, click here.

    Monday 27 May 2002
    New Plants Added
    Written at 00:59 by Ryan - 0 comments.
    Today I've added a set of shrubs, its been a while since i've put anything on here but now i'm working again you should be seeing alot more of me again. Click Here to see the shrubs.

    Tuesday 28 May 2002
    TSO still in Europe
    Written at 01:55 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    After rumours last friday, and after reports from several sites and even from a support guy at EA (NL), it seems The Sims Online will be coming to Europe after all. It may be so that it's postponed instead, and so will be released weeks or maybe even months after the USA. SimsZone.de reports this, after contacting EA Germany. 4Players, who posted the news in the first place, was wrong, so it seems. Colleagues of SimsZone (De) have contacted the PR department of EA Germany, where they declined the rumours. If any news follows, we'll keep you updated.

    Wednesday 29 May 2002
    Sim Brother's future
    Written at 01:03 by Andy - 0 comments.

    Eager for news on what is happening with Sim Brother?

    Is there going to be a Sim Brother 2?

    You can find all the facts right here!
    TSO and Europe...
    Written at 16:51 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    When getting on the phone with EA in Holland, I got some bad news. EA NL has no plans of releasing The Sims Online here, and the same probably goes for more countries in Europe. It might be released anyhow, but most likely not within 12-18 months from now. Andy has also called EA, but then in the UK, the headquarters of EA Europe. He heard that TSO would be released, but that there's no date for it yet. Pretty much the same goes for Germany, as we can read at SimsZone.de. An alternative for the fans dying to get TSO as soon as it's released, would be buying a copy in the USA, or from a USA store. You'd then have to pay with your creditcard. Europeans should expect The Sims Online to be released within a month or two after the USA release. It'll be more like SimGolf: months later. Talking about SimGolf: that got postponed for another month again: it's now set at 27/28 June for Europe. The reason given was that EA Europe carries outs different tests, and the game was found too buggy to be released here (which was probably also the reason for the Hot Date International patch). Also, there's no official word about a fifth expansion pack for The Sims yet, and it might be true that it's not coming at all. Thanks for all information go out to Andy and SimsZone.de and of course EA Europe.
    Career Creator 2 Released
    Written at 23:30 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    If you're tired of all the default careers and would like to make your own, then there's some great news for you. Tom van Dijk has rewritten his Career Creator to version 2. This completely new version also supports the latest expansion packs. The name might be a little misleading though: you can only modify careers, creating them caused The Sims to crash. Maybe that's something for the future, but that doesn't take away this is yet another very nice tool. If you want to download the tool, visit the BluePrint Website.

    Thursday 30 May 2002
    SimGolf Poll
    Written at 02:08 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    Yup, there's a new poll again. Last week's poll about The Sims on PS2 came with some interesting results. Most (52) votes of all 125 say that the game should be kept to the PC only, and they don't think it'd work on a console. Second place, with 19 votes, are the people who have a PS2 and will buy the game. 13 people can't wait for The Sims 2 on the PC. 12 others want to know more first, and another 12 rather want it on a XBox or GameCube. 11 people would even buy a PS2 with it, and 6 need to save up money.

    This week, we want to know what you think is the best excuse EA Europe should give for releasing SimGolf so late. It was delayed again until 27/28 June now. On the right and on this page you can vote, and see some of the reasons we've thought of. Happy voting.
    Simday Report: E3 2002
    Written at 21:11 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
    Want to read all about The Sims Online and The Sims Hands On (on PS2) from the E3? The official site has posted a list of articles at several sites, including articles from CNN, MSNBC and GamesDomain:
    ""I think The Sims is a success, particularly with the female players, because it was designed for regular people in everyday life and not specifically for girls or kids," said associate producer, Jenna Chalmers."
    To get links to all the articles, visit this page.

    Friday 31 May 2002
    Ryan's Autos???
    Written at 01:35 by Ryan - 0 comments.
    TSZ announces the Grand Opening of Ryan's Autos. The first two vehicles on the forecourt are the 'Blue Beauty' and 'Black Rebel'. These variants on the Bentley can be yours to take home by Clicking Here.
    New Walls!
    Written at 21:37 by Sumit - 0 comments.
    Check out the view up there with some star walls! Or for the more cultured we've got some great swirls that will bring elegance to any room! Check this all out here.
    Lack of File Additions
    Written at 22:34 by Carrie - 0 comments.
    I just wanted to apologize to everyone for not uploading any files recently. I am getting ready for the arrival of my first child and unfortunately, I haven't had much spare time. I'm getting ready to go on maternity leave, but I will be back sometime in September with all new downloads. Happy simming! :-)