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New Sims PS2 Shots
The EA website has a special E3 Section online, in which you can find info about the games shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA. There also is - of course - a bit of info about The Sims on the PS2 platform. With that info come also two new screenshots. One of them shows a couple of sims in a hot tub that we all know so well, and the other one shows two sims spending some time playing music and with trains. To visit The Sims' E3 section, and to see the screenshots, visit the Sims PS2 Page at EA. Another small bit of news is that the GamePro Magazine already has a preview of the game in their August issue. Expect much more news on this game and The Sims Online for 2-3 days.

Written at 12:21 on Thursday, 23 May 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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