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Welcome to (New) The Sims Zone
Finally! After months of waiting, we're back! TheSimsFusion has moved, and we have some great new stuff for you to check out. The Neighborhood Handler 3.5 and polls are just two of these new things. Why don't you check out both? Furthermore, we'll continue to bring you the latest Sims news, downloads, articles etc All for your pleasure. Also, I'm happy to announce that we have 2 new staff members: Fancy (for houses) and Bettyjoe for walls and floors. Make sure you don't miss out on anything of The Sims, and visit us regularly. It might take us a while before we have everything up and running as it should, but nearly everything should already work. If something doesn't work, get back here in a few days. Also, for those who've suffered from the 404 errors on TheSimsFusion when trying to download something: All our downloads should be back up again very soon on our own ftp server! We're back, better than ever!

Of course we want to thank everybody who's helped us getting here, especially Jevon for doing a lot of work. Of course we also thank you, the visitors of The Sims Zone. Thanks!

The Sims Zone team: ChEeTaH (Webmaster), Andy, Matt, Steve, Fancy and Bettyjoe

Written at 14:00 on Saturday, 17 November 2001 by ChEeTaH.

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