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E3 Impressions
The E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo, the biggest games-showcase in the world) has started again. This yearly event is highly visited every time, and every games-site and magazine will do some coverage. EA shows, besides games like Black & White 2 (Lionhead), SimCity 4 (Maxis), 1503 AD (Sunflowers), and many other games, also The Sims on Playstation2 and The Sims Online. The Sims on Playstation2 has already been shown on the E3, and a few sites have mentioned it now...

"Rather than go the expansion pack route, this version of The Sims instead gives you a higher level of control over how all your items and characters look. You can change the upholstery on your furniture, change the piping on a metal chair from chrome to gold, and outfit your sims in tons of different articles of clothing. The EA representative on hand said that the number of different clothing combinations was up around half a million."
This is of course about the Playstation2 version of The Sims. GameSpot is at the E3, and has posted their first impressions of a playable demo of The Sims on Playstation 2, demonstrated by an EA Representative. Read their article here. GameSpot however isn't the only one with an E3 feature: IGN is doing pretty much the same... From ps2.IGN.com, in this article, we can read the following:
" The PC version is essentially open-ended, like most of the other Sim titles. The goal is simply to see what happens next, as the simulated world and its inhabitants evolve. The PlayStation 2 version includes that form of gameplay, but also adds challenges with more specific goals, rather like Sega's Roommania #203. Players begin with a single Sim and attempt to build him and his station in life by expanding his home with more rooms and accessories. The Sim population grows alongside this main character, introducing a gradually bigger and bigger community full of "wacky neighbors.""
To read more, go to this place.

Finally, avault also has a small article about it. It's not much more than the announcement though:
"As in the PC version of The Sims, players will be able to create a Sim home, customize the Sims who live there and control their lives. But in the PS2 version of the game, players can explore a new 3D world. Players also will interact with a cast of neighbors that cannot be found in any other Sims game. A new controller-based interface will be used for manipulating the Sims."
Avault's whole story can be read at this page.

So far, The Sims Online hasn't been shown yet. More information about The Sims PS2 might follow, but we'll definately hear more about The Sims Online. Of course, whenever there's news, we'll report it here.
Written at 00:41 on Thursday, 23 May 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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