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Europe not online with The Sims?
From the german sites SimsZone.De and 4Players we can read that The Sims Online might not be released in Europe, not for now anyway. However, an official statement hasn't been given yet, and a reason why it wouldn't be released in Europe is unknown too. It could be the problems with paying, but details are very vague. Maybe the game will be released here later, but maybe not even at all. Of course we'll tell you more as soon as we know more. Details are very sketchy yet, but we hope to know more soon.

[Update 15:55] After calling EA, I got some answers to questions you might have. First of all, The Sims Online will (quite) definately not be released in Europe. The reason given was that not enough people in Europe are interested in it. That could be because people would have to pay to a company in the US. The support guy told me that it wouldn't be possible to let people pay to the EA department in their region, as costs for that would be too high. This is definately a disappointment for all European Sims fans. Of course, that does not mean we will not cover TSO. In fact, any news about it will appear on this site.

Written at 12:20 on Friday, 24 May 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 01:38 on Saturday, 25 May 2002 by ali (aliclare)
Hmmmm. That's just tight for european players, I know plenty of people who wanted it. but it's their decision. =(

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