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Simday Report: Magazine feature
Not a real big SimDay this time. All there's to be discussed is a feature in the Computer Games magazine. "Simply Monumental - The Sims, The Phenomenon, The Future" is what we can read on the cover of the latest issue, which shows Mount Sims - Mount Rushmore with Sim-faces. A few articles inside this cover deal with the upcoming titles The Sims Online and SimCity 4, the community (and fansites), the games Maxis made in the past, something about speaking Simlish and an interesting read about who is playing the best-selling game ever: The Sims. Besides that, there's an interview with Will Wright, of which a part can be read at Mall of The Sims (for free). Basically that's all for this SimDay, which didn't really add anything for those not being able to buy the latest issue of Computer Games.

SimDays are getting quiet again, so it seems. Over a year ago Andy wrote a series of three articles at TheSimsFusion (which is now this site) about "What happened to SimDay". Those articles can still be found in the editorials archive. Remember that these editorials were written even before House Party was released.

Written at 20:31 on Thursday, 16 May 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 21:50 on Thursday, 16 May 2002 by @nt (crowdie)
I agree, Maxis are really taking a while to create things. I wish they would update with downloads every SimDay...

Written at 23:46 on Thursday, 16 May 2002 by ChEeTaH (TSZ Webmaster) (ChEeTaH)
The Maxis employees have other things to do than creating objects too; demanding something new every week is lost hope. Besides that, we have seen a balloon fence, a carnival game and a blanket for SV already so that's ok. I only wish the SimDays would be more than one thing actually from another site like this week and for instance the one with the Will Wright Oakland interview... I agree an object every week would be nice, but it's impossible. More than this is possible though, I think.


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