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The Neighborhood Handler 3.5!!!
Yup, with the opening of The Sims Zone, there's The Neighborhood Handler 3.5. A few changes are: The "Activate", "Create", "Delete" and "Reset Neighborhood" actions, a completely rewritten manual, now with a cool design, quicker copying of the files, and a lot more

To see the full list, view the new manual at http://www.TheSimsZone.co.uk/tnhh/manual, chapter 24 - Version history. A full list of features is in chapter 2 of the same manual. Read more information on installing etc. in the same manual.

To download The Neighborhood Handler right now, click one of the links below. If you've used The Neighborhood Handler 3.0, you can download the "Program Only" version, and optional the "Manual" as well, if you want to view it off-line. If you haven't used The Neighborhood Handler 3.0, please download the "Full" version. After you've downloaded it, run the program and it'll install like any other program. For more details I refer to the manual mentioned above again. Anyway, here are the files:

Full version (2.5 Mb)
Program Only version (1.0 Mb)
Required files (2.0 Mb)
Manual (1.0 Mb)

Written at 14:05 on Saturday, 17 November 2001 by ChEeTaH.

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