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TSO and Europe...
When getting on the phone with EA in Holland, I got some bad news. EA NL has no plans of releasing The Sims Online here, and the same probably goes for more countries in Europe. It might be released anyhow, but most likely not within 12-18 months from now. Andy has also called EA, but then in the UK, the headquarters of EA Europe. He heard that TSO would be released, but that there's no date for it yet. Pretty much the same goes for Germany, as we can read at SimsZone.de. An alternative for the fans dying to get TSO as soon as it's released, would be buying a copy in the USA, or from a USA store. You'd then have to pay with your creditcard. Europeans should expect The Sims Online to be released within a month or two after the USA release. It'll be more like SimGolf: months later. Talking about SimGolf: that got postponed for another month again: it's now set at 27/28 June for Europe. The reason given was that EA Europe carries outs different tests, and the game was found too buggy to be released here (which was probably also the reason for the Hot Date International patch). Also, there's no official word about a fifth expansion pack for The Sims yet, and it might be true that it's not coming at all. Thanks for all information go out to Andy and SimsZone.de and of course EA Europe.

Written at 16:51 on Wednesday, 29 May 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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