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The Sims on PlayStation 2
Maxis has added another game to their upcoming releases list. It's not a complete new game though, but it'll be The Sims on PlayStation 2. It is to be released later this year, in the last quarter of 2002. It will have more enhanced 3D graphics than the PC version - which is already over 2 years old - and level-based gameplay. More information will be given during the E3 at 21 to 24 May. The Sims for PS2 is added to a list which also contains The Sims Online and SimCity 4, both to be released later this year. Maxis is going for a busy year... and next year? The Sims 2, SimUniverse and maybe even SimGolf for the Europeans?

Written at 11:39 on Thursday, 16 May 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 21:52 on Thursday, 16 May 2002 by @nt (crowdie)
I can't wait for that to come out. I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like, and what the changes will be. I hope it comes out on time, UNlike SimGolf :)

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