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Hot Date Patch
The Hot Date Patch has now been released again.
The patch is a whopping 4.95 Mb, so for everyone stuck on 56k connections (me and I think all the TSZ staff) it may take a while to download!
At the time of writing international versions of the patch are unavailable. Whether this means the patch is only available for the US version of the game it is unclear, so if you do not have the US version and are on a 56k dialup, I would wait so you don't download an unuseable patch.

The following have been added / changed with the patch:

  • The Old Prude now appears on all lots! (The Old Prude!!! - I've been waiting for her!)
  • Cuddling booths are fixed
  • The bay window now appears in the game
  • Dining booth is fixed
  • The items and actions dropping out of the Sims queue has now been fixed.
  • Clothing rack crashes are fixed
  • Food carts do not attract as many townies now.
Written at 12:51 on Tuesday, 12 February 2002 by Steve.

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