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The Future of SIM BROTHER
On January 18th, 2002, eight housemates moved into the Sim Brother House. Over a period of almost three months, they faced challenges, nominations and evictions. Finally, after 83 days in the Sim Brother house, on April 10th, 2002, Anna Kournikova was crowned as the winner.
In The Real World
On May 24th, 2002, out in the real world, twelve housemates moved into the new British Big Brother (UK) House and at least one of them will be in there until the series finale after 73 days. They will face the same experiences - perhaps even some more - and be under the scrutiny of the public for the duration of their stay in the house.

For the fans of "Big Brother" out there, there will be widespread TV coverage on Channel 4 and on E4 and the series can be followed in even greater detail at the official Big Brother UK website.
What You Can Expect?
Watching the World Cup Finals is more gripping than watching your local Sunday morning football match, although the latter will probably get more support once the World Cup is over. Likewise, "Big Brother" is more enthralling than Sim Brother and I will be avidly watching it as I do not want to miss a thing.

However, the staff at TSZ will still be hard at work preparing "Sim Brother 2" for your entertainment and it will be starting shortly after BB3 finishes.

With the first series, there were eight celebrity housemates who were decided by the site staff. The skins that were used for the housemates were all user-created and available to be downloaded. This year, our staffers are working out a shortlist of sixteen celebrity housemates and you will be the ones who decide which eight will be going into the house. Again, the skins for the shortlist will all be user-created by either the site staff or guest contributors.

There is a new house for the final eight to go into. It has already been constructed and work is continuing with furnishings and fixtures to give it that special touch.
Keeping The Theme
The first Sim Brother House was given to Anna Kournikova as part of her prize for winning the first series of Sim Brother. You will be finding out what she has been getting up to since her holiday with Tony Blair.

For those who are after making their own Sim Brother house, I will be making the Diary Room Chair available for download.

Also, for those Sims who could not get enough of watching Sim Brother, you will soon be able to watch it on TV.

And finally, I will be looking at the other Sim Brother sites on the net that are running, have run or have tried to run their version of Sim Brother. If you would like to be mentioned, please contact me and I will have a look.
Any Questions?
Who is going to be on the shortlist? The contenders cover all celebrity walks of life from royalty, politics, and sport to showbiz, music and reality TV show contestants. We want to spoil you this time.

Will there be nudity? Even though "Big Brother" is recommended for an adult audience, at this stage, it looks like the SB cameras will still have the adult censors in place. However, Sim Brother would like to know the opinion of the viewers on this.

What challenges will there be? We cannot tell you at the moment but there is already a list being worked through by our staff. Bribing TSZ staffers will not do you any good as they are all sworn to secrecy. All I can tell you is some of the old ones challenges will be reappearing, but there will be loads of new ones. The housemates will not have much time to rest.

What can I do in the meantime? There are 83 daily reports and 4 special reports from the first series that you could read to get yourself in the mood. If you haven't already done it, there are downloads from the first series for you to add to your Sims' world.

Keep watching this space because...

Sim Brother will get back to you.
Written at 16:50 on Sunday 26 May 2002 by Andy.

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