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E3 Sim Videos
A few videos of upcoming sim-games have been posted at Games.IGN.Com. There is a video of SimCity 4, The Sims Online (canceled for Europe!) and The Sims on PS2. As you can see in the Sims Online video: social interactions are really important in the game. It's not a game as we know it, and the gameplay seems to be different from the regular Sims. That video can be found here (QuickTime required). As for the Sims PS2: The title this page says "The Sims: Hands-on". This could be the actual name for this game, and we'll be using that from now on (until a new name is known). Along with an article, there's a video. According to the reviewer it looks good, the concept is a bit wacky but it looks good on the screen. They also describe the gameplay a bit more in the same article. To read that article, click here, or to see the video right away, click here. Finally, the 5 SimCity 4 videos can be seen from this page. All videos require QuickTime to be played. That was the last day of the E3. A bit more might just follow later today, but don't expect too much anymore...

Written at 18:14 on Friday, 24 May 2002 by ChEeTaH.

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