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News Archive - April, 2003
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Tuesday 1 April 2003
New donation files
Written at 02:01 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
No, this is no joke. As usual, we've added donation files again. It's april now, and the files that were locked because they were the donation files for January have been unlocked and you can download them for free now. This month, we have a special download too: a "The Sims Zone Sidebar"! If you don't want to visit us to check the latest headlines, or to see if we have any new files, or just see a bunch of links to other fansites, then this is THE solution for you. This sidebar will install in your browser, and show up on the left of your browser window (like the search panel). Of course you can also hide it if you want. It will automatically update itself, and always download the latest headlines for you. You can visit other sites with the sidebar open like you're used to, and of course there are links to all the fansites in our database on it too! We might be adding even more in the future, and you won't even have to update anything.

As special for your Sims, Jen has designed a nice clothing set, The Sims Zone style. Your Sims can now wear clothes with The Sims Zone's logo on it. You can get that, and the sidebar, if you donate. More donation files will be added later this month.
Virus in The Sims Online
Written at 03:04 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
The Sims Online has a virus on it. The virus, which automatically spread from Maxis to everybody who has played the game between 29 and 31 March. The virus wasn't detected by virusscanners, as one of the players of The Sims Online created it, and the virus was unknown so far. The virus is called W32.TSO.Worm. Maxis has apologized for this occuring:
"We are deeply sorry that this could occur. We detected the problem when the servers were sending a lot of data to our players, but we couldn't trace it back. It turned out to be this new virus. We have cleaned the servers, and so the virus won't be spread anymore. Users are now protected from getting it, but should still be aware if they have it. We'll release a clean-up patch to remove the virus from the player's computer as soon as possible."
Players will automatically be warned if they are infected when they play The Sims Online again.

The virus will block you from playing The Sims Online again, and it'll also automatically uninstall the game. However, your account won't be removed, so you keep paying for your account. This virus will trigger 14 April. Maxis is doing everything they can to prevent any damage.

The account of the creator of the virus has been traced back and is permanently blocked. For the next few weeks, Maxis will continuously monitor their servers for malicious traffic and content. An email will be sent to everybody who has played The Sims Online the past 3 days explaining the danger. The patch is expected to be finished later today or tomorrow, and is created by the programmers of Maxis together with Symantec, known of Norton Antivirus. We will keep you updated, and inform you as soon as the patch is available. For more precise details of what the virus does, click "read more". We advise everybody, including those who don't have TSO (it might also affect any other version of The Sims), to do this.
Read More!

Wednesday 2 April 2003
The Sims 2 Preview
Written at 00:01 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
Yes, there is a preview of The Sims 2 at The Gamers Temple. It's the first that exists, even before any official announcement from Maxis. They say it will be in 3D ("get an underwater view from inside a hot tub"), Sims will age, there will be pets and downtown, old town and vacation island will be included in the game. There will also be a couple of new pets like horses etc. And: evil Sims:
"Now for one of the really big changes – your sims will now have a good/evil character trait. Good sims will behave a lot like sims in the current game, but evil sims will be a lot different. Evil sims enjoy homes filled with trash and broken objects, and must work to keep their relationship scores down with good sims. The more good sims that they have a rotten relationship with the better. To help evil sims out, there will be plenty of new evil interactions. Some will be simple slaps and bullying interactions, but others are going to be a lot more interesting. There is a pretty tight lid on what these actions will be, but we did learn about the “spread vicious rumor” interaction (particularly effective against sims that are trying to build up a good fame score). Good sims and evil sims do not get along, but evil sims will need to build relationships with other evil sims. Evil sims can marry and make little evil families, but if they build a high enough relationship with another evil sim you can use the “leave spouse” interaction to break up the unhappy little home. Finally there will be different career options for each type of sim. For example, only evil sims will be able to become career criminals. Both evil and good sims will be able to enter politics, though."
Too bad it's only an april fool's joke... But nevertheless, you might want to read their ideas (and post your own) right here.
"EA Announces Plans For The Sims PC Game Reviewer"
Written at 01:06 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
That's a new headline at the official site. It comes with a nice press release and a screenshot of this new expansion pack - while Superstar hasn't even been released yet!
"Players can now realize their fantasies of living out of a grey cube, eating nachos, and playing video games all day long. All new game play, new social interactions and a whole new in-game destination offer players an all access pass to the professional world of PC game reviewing. In The Sims PC Game Reviewer, The Sims are indolent co-workers in a highly politicized game of corporate ladder climbing and "reporting" for the ultimate payoff: free games and swag. (...)

"Typical of Maxis and true to the findings at PC Gamer, the new location has a set of amusing objects with unique game play, such as the Hidden Desk Flask, an Inflatable Doll, and Vending Machine Chips. In addition to the Booth Babe, new and zany NPC's include a Banal Editor, and Hapless Intern. Exciting new social interactions are also included such as "Ask to proofread," "Borrow a stapler," "Complain about games," and the hilarious new "Remind of deadline." They guarantee unlimited, open-ended fun and creativity. In The Sims PC Game Reviewer - if it's in the game reviewer, it's in the game!"
And here's the screenshot, with the typical name 'april_fools.jpg' (on the official site anyway) - which makes it all a bit too obvious doesn't it:

Another nice joke to be added to this year's list of april fool's pranks. Like our host, GTA3.Com, who pretended they were hacked - well done guys! Anyway, for the press release of "The Sims PC Game Reviewer", have a look over here - and yes, the page is called april_fools.html. The press release does have some nice (untrue) facts and (fake) quotes. Obvious: yes. But quite nice too. However, according to you many people don't want another expansion pack anymore - you can check the results of our latest poll for that. It's still running, so vote if you haven't done so already!
Another donation file
Written at 01:10 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Time for a bit of serious news, after the several fake things (Virus in The Sims Online, The Sims 2 Preview and "EA Announces Plans For The Sims PC Game Reviewer"). We've added another donation file, this is one from Sumit. He's made another double column, this time in gold. His first edition proved to be popular, but this one's even better! Together with the sidebar and the TSZ skins it's definately worth a donation which will be spent only the right way! Please donate, help us out, and download this great column!

Thursday 3 April 2003
New poll
Written at 02:00 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Opinions are divided over whether Maxis should release The Sims 2 or even more expansion packs for The Sims 1.0 after the upcoming Superstar. You voted a lot (278 people voted), and the results are tight. 78 Of you (28%) wants The Sims 2, and no more expansions. With just 5 people more (83 votes, 30%), the people who absolutely want more expansion packs are with the most out of those two. However, if we include the bits in between, The Sims 2 is actually more wanted. 53 people (19%) prefer The Sims 2, but won't mind more expansion packs either. 17 people less (36 people, 13%) prefer expansions over The Sims 2. That makes 131 people (47%) pro-The Sims 2, and 119 (43%) pro-expansions. Just 5% (14 people) won't buy either of them. The remaining 5% (also 14 votes) say their computer won't be able to handle more. For a nice list of the results, go here.

Our new poll is about the method of installing downloads. There are several ways you can do this: either using WinZip and do it manually, using tools like SimsZip, SimFileMaid or SimUnzip (together with The Neighborhood Handler or not), or you only download self-extracting files. Please let us know what you use by voting in this week's poll on the right or on this page. For our poll archive, click here.
SimDay Report: 1 article
Written at 23:41 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
This week's Simday is probably even lamer than last week's simday. There's just one link, to one article about Superstar. And then it's not even completely about Superstar, but it discusses several other games too. Here's what USAToday.com has to say about the upcoming expansion pack for The Sims:
"Think it's easy being a celebrity? The Sims: Superstar will allow players to turn their humble Sims into glamorous celebrities by having them pursue careers as actors, rock stars or supermodels. The new hub in the game is known as "Studio Town," which is home to recording studios, TV networks, movie lots and a spa. Just as in real life, fame and fortune mean a more comfy lifestyle with extra bucks to throw around for expensive art, swanky furniture, a personal butler or masseuse, and more.

"Can you handle the paparazzi and groupies? Find out in May."
Sounds like a small press release from EA. The whole article is about how expansion packs breathe new life into old games. You can read the whole article right here.

Saturday 5 April 2003
GameZone reviews The Sims
Written at 00:25 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
We've added another review of The Sims on the GameCube and X-Box to our review index. This time, from GameZone.com, and they tested the game on the GameCube. In one paragraph of the review, they talk about the difference in graphics between the PlayStation2 and the GameCube versions:
"The graphics are a lot smoother and crisper than the PS2 version, but they don’t really flex the GameCube’s graphical muscle. Although the animations have been cleaned up quite a bit, the characters still have the strange robotic movements and patterns that they had previously, and the textures look pretty muddy up close. On the whole, the GameCube version has better graphics, but they still aren’t anything to get excited about."
You can read the whole thing here. For more reviews, including those for the X-Box version of The Sims, check out our review index.
A little bit of sunshine!
Written at 06:29 by Sumit - 0 comments.
A washing machine and a dryer is all your sim needs for their perfect utility room. Check it out over here!

Sunday 6 April 2003
The Sims (X-Box) review
Written at 01:51 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Just a bit after posting their review for The Sims on the GameCube, GameZone.com has also posted a review of the X-Box version. Unlike some other sites, these two reviews are different from each other - including the score. Here's a bit of the X-Box review:
"The artificial intelligence, though, sometimes seems more like stupidity. There have been times when guests have been standing in a narrow path, and there's no way for a Sim to get through. This can be a real pain when I absolutely have to get through, like to get to a schoolbus. The people will just continue to stand still and talk, completely ignoring me. It's not always the guests that are stupid, though; Sims often do considerably stupid things against your command, even when in a good mood. One time I told a man to go out and play basketball. When he got outside, he simply stood there. For the whole day. He'd ignore me when I told him to stop playing, and he got hungry, tired, mad, and ended up draining his radiator, so to speak, right on the cement. Eventually, he just fell over asleep, and came inside the next day, in a terrible mood. I figured it was just a fluke. But the next day, another member of the family went and did the exact same thing! It's certainly not a good thing. Usually things aren't that drastic, though - it's generally just stupid little mistakes they make, like walking into the bathroom when someone is on the toilet."
For the complete review which rates the game 7.5 out of 10 (against 8.5 out of 10 for the GameCube version), click here. For more reviews of this game, visit our review index.

Tuesday 8 April 2003
IGN Reviews
Written at 00:52 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
After the release of The Sims on both the GameCube and the X-Box, IGN posted their review of this game. Although they were insider-only before, now everybody can read the review. Like GameSpot, their review comes in two flavours: one for the GameCube, one for the X-Box. That means there's basically just one review, with only small differences when the platform's name is mentioned. Here's a bit of what IGN has to say about the graphics:
"But despite the upgrades, the game still carries with it a few graphical shortcomings in general. Although character animations are smooth and realistic, they often repeat unnaturally and robotically when certain events transpire. Players will occasionally witness their characters sit down to eat, then stand up when they're finished, walk away, walk back over to their chairs, sit down, pick up their plates, and then stand back up and carry it over to the sink for washing. And while the texture resolution is definitely improved, they look fairly muddy when the camera pulls in close to the action. Perhaps the biggest eyesore is the occasionally stuttering framerate that skips a beat here and there during dramatic camera movements through a densely populated house or when the disc fires off a quick load of data."
The whole GameCube edition of the review is right here. The X-Box one is on this page and links to more reviews are in our review index.

Thursday 10 April 2003
More Superstar screens
Written at 00:11 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
The german website SimsZone has spotted some new images of Superstar at the Gamers' Temple. There are several new pictures of objects, including a recording studio, getting an autograph, the oxygen bar and a photoshoot. These are all 3D renders, so no actual screenshots. Nevertheless, they are looking good. We've included the "Skydiving Simulator" in action below. For all the screenshots (including some older ones), visit this page.

Extreme Doors Series
Written at 01:21 by Sumit - 0 comments.
A series of doors has been brough to you by The Sims Zone. They range from Extreme colors, to light and simple colors. These are truly "mustgets" since you must get it! They look great and some will look so great your sims fall head over heels for it!

Check it all out here!

Poll results and new poll: Paying for downloads?
Written at 02:00 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
After last week's poll we found out that most of you use WinZip (or a similar program) to manually install downloads into The Sims: 67% (92 people) voted that. Far behind is the SimsFileMaid, which got 15 (11%) out of the 138 votes. Following that closely are those who don't have downloads or only use self-extracting (.exe) ones: 14 votes (10%) for that. A bit behind that is SimsZip, which received 12 votes (9%). SimsFileMaid and The Neighborhood Handler together got 5th, with just 4 votes (3%). The last vote (less than 1%) was for SimsZip in combination with The Neighborhood Handler. That leaves 0 votes for Sims Unzip. That's actually the first time an option in a poll received 0 votes in one week time (or longer).

Now we want to know if you're subscribed to any of the paysites out there. As you know, quite many sites are in bandwidth trouble, and some of them 'went pay ' because of that. We'd like to know if you subscribed to any of those or not. You can tell us by voting here or on the right.
SimDay: Again just one link
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Maxis' style is getting quite boring now... Yet again, this week's SimDay is nothing more than one simple link. This time to a review of The Sims on the X-Box. However, better than sometimes, it's one we haven't actually spotted before yet, so here's a snippet:
"It is easy to see how Maxis went all out here trying to incorporate as much humor into The Sims as possible - even the furniture and equipment you can buy for your Sims has lead to chuckles. We did try one experiment worth mentioning: Allowing our Sim to do as he pleased for a couple of days then to come back and check on him. To our dismay he got into a couple major arguments with his roommate and now can't even go to the bathroom in peace! Goes to show you man is still smarter than machine - well XBox at least. How Graphic!"
The reviewers, GDXbox.com, gave the game the 'drool award' which basically means a 5 out of 5 score. The whole thing is here. For our review index, with many more reviews of this game, click here.

Saturday 12 April 2003
Oak Street Starter
Written at 07:44 by Jendea - 0 comments.
Very large starter added for the sim family that wants room to grow. At $15,838, well...I guess they'd better also be career oriented. :)
You can check this home out Here

Monday 14 April 2003
Another review of The Sims (Gamecube, X-Box)
Written at 00:39 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
The Sims has been reviewed once again. Slowly but surely more and more reviews are popping up on the net. There is now another review, at GameSpy. Like some other major gaming sites, this one has one review for both platforms, just in two slightly different editions. The introduction and the conclusions are different, but the rest is the same. Here's a snippet of it:
"All in all, getting a life isn't as fun as the normal, freeform experience -- The Sims' primary appeal is that you can play god, and doing any such thing here will break the script and end your game. However, the "Get a Life" mode does well to instruct new players on the basics, and it was wise to force players to complete a token chunk of this mode to unlock the main simulation. Unfortunately, though, the player can only unlock certain catalog items and gameplay scenarios through the "Get a Life" game. While the concept is sound, I felt like I had to slog through the mode to unlock those items, and this ultimately felt more like a chore to me than actual fun."
They're not too happy about the Get a Life mode really, but in general they're positive about the game. If you're interested in the GameCube version, go here. For the X-Box, you have to click here. For even more reviews, visit our review index.

Tuesday 15 April 2003
TSO 14 day trial at FilePlanet
Written at 00:18 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
If you're a subscriber of FilePlanet you may have found out about this already. You can now download a 14-day trial version of The Sims Online without paying. It's only for subscribers though, so you'll have to get a login there for free there before you can download it. After downloading the 1.2 GB(!) file, you'll have to register a new account at EA.Com - even if you were a playtester before. You will be asked for some creditcard details for age verification, but that won't be billed. In fact, if you decide to buy the game after downloading the trial, you'll get a mail-in rebate of $10. Unfortunately it's unkown if this is US and Canada only, or if people in other parts of the world can get the rebate too. If you can't download the 1.2 GB, there's always the option to get it mailed to you on 2 cds - but that costs a bit again. If you want to read a bit more about this, or download this trial, click here. Thanks to Matt for this tip.
Superstar not the last expansion?
Written at 00:40 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
As you might remember, in one of the reports about Superstar when it was nothing more than a vague rumour, we told you about an interview with Will Wright, the big man behind The Sims. He said there would be 7 expansion packs in total, but we didn't know if he included Deluxe with that or not. Now it seems there's indeed something else coming after Superstar - but we don't know anything at all yet! The only other evidence so far is someone from EA in the Netherlands. The so-called 'mayor' (the webmaster) of the Dutch official website said on the forums that Superstar wouldn't be the last expansion pack. He also said The Sims 2.0 would be coming sooner that we'd expect...
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Wednesday 16 April 2003
Another TS GameCube review
Written at 02:00 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
"As you tend to your sim’s specific needs - comfort, hunger, social, bladder, etc – you’ll be compelled to try new things and build skill points in different categories like mechanical, creativity, body, and stuff. And as you build up the skills of your sim it will become better at doing things, anything from making more nourishing meals to fixing broken appliances quicker (and with less chance of horrific electrical shock, too), as your sim excels at these things you will be rewarded with varying levels of remuneration. Most rewards come in the form of new household items to play with and use, but more substantial success will yield far better results like new modes of play, for example."
That's a bit from a new review of The Sims on the GameCube at WorthPlaying. Like many others, this site is also positive about the game and they show it with a score of 8.7 out of 10. For more of this review, including screenshots, click here. For even more reviews, check out our review index.
Official site going down
Written at 02:58 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
The official site will be going down for some server maintenance tonight. This is something Maxis tends to do regularly, and they'll be cleaning up a lot of mess on their servers then. They should be back soon though (16 April according to the note), and a SimDay will probably follow a day later. This goes for all Maxis sites, including SimCity and probably the nearly forgotten SimGolf (although it doesn't say anything there). If the TSO site will be taken down is unknown, as that's hosted by EA Games rather than by Maxis themselves. Because of this maintenance, SimCityDay has been delayed until next week.
Easter Preperations!
Written at 04:14 by Sumit - 0 comments.
Easter is on its way, dont leave your sims out in the dark!!! Here is a basket to keep your sims warm for the coming holiday. Let it be known that your sims do not live on easter baskets for Easter, more joy to come, the Easter Bunny is coming to town!

Announcement: The Add-on Handler
Written at 14:00 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
Recently I've began working on a new utility for The Sims: The (Sims) Add-on Handler (Abbreviated: TAOH). Like several other tools out there, this will be able to install your downloaded files to The Sims by simply dragging the downloaded files to the window of TAOH - which shows any image you like. But unlike others, this tool will be a lot better! If you want to select the files using a conventional "Open" dialog box, that's possible too. For instance, you won't have to hassle to install roofs manually anymore - this will detect if a file is a skin or roof, and install it as you wish. The same goes for objects and houses. As if that isn't enough, it will also check if Skins are in just 256-colours. Skins that are bitmaps with more than 256 colours (or a palette bigger than that) tend to crash The Sims. The program will simply give you a warning if a file seems to be invalid. But wait! There's more...
Read More!

Thursday 17 April 2003
More about the seventh expansion pack
Written at 00:39 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
If you've been following the news, you might've read our bit about a seventh expansion and The Sims 2. There's a small follow-up on that now, thanks to SimsZone.de. The latest edition of the German magazine PC-Action has a review of Superstar in it. Nothing interesting there, but it includes an interview with Jonathan Knight from Maxis. Jonathan had some interesting things to say...
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Saturday 19 April 2003
New (delayed) poll
Written at 00:09 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Due to some technical difficulties you haven't been able to access this site for some time yesterday and today. We're back now though, and with a delayed poll. The poll was delayed because of these technical difficulties, but it'll run until Thursday as always. Our old poll was about whether you're subscribed to any paysites or not. Apparantly, most of you (more than 52%) hate such sites. For those who don't understand why sites decide to go pay (no, in general they don't want to earn money with it), read this old editorial, which describes the matter. For the other results of last week's (and a bit) poll, click here. To vote in our new poll, check out the right, or visit this page.
SimDay yesterday
Written at 00:18 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Yesterday was SimDay again, but we couldn't post about it then because this site was down - unfortunately. However, there wasn't too much to post about. First of all, there's a new Korean official site of the Sims. There isn't too much about I can say about it, as I don't understand the Korean... but for those who do, click here. The other thing is a contest that's - as quite usual - is open to people in the USA only. This time, people in the states Florida, Rhode Island and New York cannot participate. You can win "two (2) VIP passes (for Winner and Guest) to the TEEN PEOPLE Magazine’s 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 Party – Presented by The Sims Superstar, limousine transportation (for Winner and Guest) to and from all Sponsor designated events and $600 spending cash". There are 20 second prizes, containing Superstar and a pair of shoes worth $130. All you have to do to is entering five email addresses of your friends. You can participate as often as you want, as long as you don't enter an email address twice. Click here for more details about the contest, and here for all the rules. That's all this week from the official site.
New Superstar screenies
Written at 23:36 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Still haven't seen enough of Superstar so far? Then there's good news: several new screenshots of Superstar have been spotted at the official Japanese site, SimPeople (the Japanese name of The Sims). There are 18 unique screenshots. Some are quite similar, but there are a few showing new objects again, and one (number 14) showing a butler. However, Japanese people don't seem to like light too much - a couple of their screenshots have only very few lights in the rooms displayed. You can find them all right here. Have fun with them!

Sunday 20 April 2003
Happy Easter
Written at 01:12 by Sumit - 0 comments.
In a celebration of Easter, here are a bundle of objects that will make your sims scream with delight. Everything from Easter Eggs to Pink Bunny statues, this is a holiday like no other. Its time for your sims to celebrate.

Check it all out here!


Wednesday 23 April 2003
Superstar Preview
Written at 23:53 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
One of the most famoust gaming sites which is very much liked by EA, GameSpot has posted a preview of Superstar:
"The show biz studio area consists of a series of open lots, much like the lots in the Hot Date and Vacation expansions. So, if you prefer to leave your sims at home and do some redecorating, you'll be able to wipe each of the studio lots clean and start from scratch by adding recording studios, music video sets, and sushi bars. Most of the studio objects will belong to one of three major themes: a music theme, an acting theme, and a fashion theme (including an actual runway). But you'll also be able to pick out new spa objects like mud baths and steamers to help relax and clean up your sims after a long day on the set."
There's some new information and details in the preview. You can read the complete thing, 2 pages, right here. For 3 trailers you need to be a GameSpot Complete member. You can find those right here.

Friday 25 April 2003
Happy Simday!!!
Written at 00:12 by Sumit - 0 comments.
Great update this simday! Really, and I am not kidding. This time they have given us a total of 3 new SuperStar videos. Not 1, not 2, but 3 total SuperStar videos. This isn't the end there are also 2 articles. One is a Gamespot Article we have already mentioned and the other is a Tech TV article that is quite interesting. It is an interview with our game god Will Wright. This update is quite more interestting than previous ones so check it all out here!
New Articles and Pictures
Written at 00:37 by Sumit - 1 comment.
IGN has posted a preview of Superstar over here! This is a very interesting read, so if you are looking forward to Superstar take a peek!

In other news, SimsZone.de has posted the first pictures of the Superstar neighborhood. This is a must see since these are exclusively firsts. Check them out over here! *scroll to the bottom, the last screen are the ones you are looking for*

Sunday 27 April 2003
New The Sims (X-Box) review
Written at 23:25 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
As you might've noticed, I've been away a few days so this news is slightly delayed. Anyway: a new review of The Sims on the X-Box has been found at BoomTown. Here's a bit from it:
"Your 'child' really appears to be thick as two short planks at the beginning, not even knowing how to cook, despite looking like an adult. Attempts to cook without studying start a fire, bringing on panic and hysteria throughout your house. Luckily a fireman responds automatically. Attempts to fix your Mum's faulty TV without the requisite mechanical reading before hand results in electrocution and a vibrating control pad. This can be a bit long winded as reading a book (in order to acquire skills) takes a while, especially on the higher skill levels."
If you're still undecided about buying The Sims for one of the consoles, perhaps this review will help you make your decision. You can read all of it right here. If you need even more, check out our review index.

Tuesday 29 April 2003
Kitchen Appliances
Written at 08:34 by Jendea - 0 comments.
A new group of kitchen appliances to match the Ivy Kitchen Set added today.
You can check them out Here!

Wednesday 30 April 2003
Even more Superstar screenshots
Written at 00:49 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Some people apparantly managed to find some screenshots of Superstar on the Korean official site. One of them told SimsZone.de, and thanks to them we can tell you about them too. They show some nice things, including a pink limo and somebody checking out some superstar-wear. Check out this page for the shots.
The Add-on Handler released! [Update 30 April 0:20]
Written at 01:13 by ChEeTaH - 0 comments.
Well, here it is! The first version of The Add-on Handler (TAOH). I've told you about the possibilites of this nearly 2 weeks ago. So far, it can only install files, but a future version is already on its way. I don't know a release date yet, but most likely it'll be out after Superstar is released. Anyway, be sure to download this version as it'll install any known file for The Sims for you (except FAR and MP3 files). This version does not support Superstar yet because that's not out yet. However, contrary to the announcement this version already makes the database of installed files.

If you already have The Neighborhood Handler installed, then you can download the upgrade version for 1 Mb. If you don't have TNHH installed yet, go to this page for the full version (2.23 Mb). Note that this is still a beta version and so you might find some bugs that aren't supposed to be there... However, I came across no problems while using the program so it should work fine. If you happen to find anything after all, please e-mail me.

[Update 30 April 0:20] The initial release missed one file in the installation. If you downloaded The Add-on Handler before now, you should redownload the program (the Upgrade version will work). The program will function without the missing file, but you'll have to get a picture file for the installation window from some other place. In any way, the best option is to redownload the package. I apologise for any inconvenience.