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More about the seventh expansion pack
If you've been following the news, you might've read our bit about a seventh expansion and The Sims 2. There's a small follow-up on that now, thanks to SimsZone.de. The latest edition of the German magazine PC-Action has a review of Superstar in it. Nothing interesting there, but it includes an interview with Jonathan Knight from Maxis. Jonathan had some interesting things to say...

PC-Action: Wie geht es in Zukunft mit den Sims weiter, ein zweiter Teil ist in Planung. Wird MS [Megastar, the German name for Superstar - TSZ] also das letzte Add On sein oder dürfen sich die Fans auf weitere Ergänzungen freuen?

"Jonathan Knight: Keine Sorge. So lange die Fans weitere Add Ons wünschen, kriegen sie diese auch."
Or, translated in English:
"PC-Action: What will the future of The Sims bring? A sequel is in the plans. Will Superstar be the last add-on or can the fans look forward to more additions?

"Jonathan Knight: No worries. As long as the fans want more expansion packs, they will get them."
That more or less confirms the rumours about a seventh expansion pack. Still, nothing is known about it but keep watching this space for the latest news.

Source: SimsZone.de/SimsForum.de (this thread)
Written at 00:39 on Thursday, 17 April 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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