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"EA Announces Plans For The Sims PC Game Reviewer"
That's a new headline at the official site. It comes with a nice press release and a screenshot of this new expansion pack - while Superstar hasn't even been released yet!
"Players can now realize their fantasies of living out of a grey cube, eating nachos, and playing video games all day long. All new game play, new social interactions and a whole new in-game destination offer players an all access pass to the professional world of PC game reviewing. In The Sims PC Game Reviewer, The Sims are indolent co-workers in a highly politicized game of corporate ladder climbing and "reporting" for the ultimate payoff: free games and swag. (...)

"Typical of Maxis and true to the findings at PC Gamer, the new location has a set of amusing objects with unique game play, such as the Hidden Desk Flask, an Inflatable Doll, and Vending Machine Chips. In addition to the Booth Babe, new and zany NPC's include a Banal Editor, and Hapless Intern. Exciting new social interactions are also included such as "Ask to proofread," "Borrow a stapler," "Complain about games," and the hilarious new "Remind of deadline." They guarantee unlimited, open-ended fun and creativity. In The Sims PC Game Reviewer - if it's in the game reviewer, it's in the game!"
And here's the screenshot, with the typical name 'april_fools.jpg' (on the official site anyway) - which makes it all a bit too obvious doesn't it:

Another nice joke to be added to this year's list of april fool's pranks. Like our host, GTA3.Com, who pretended they were hacked - well done guys! Anyway, for the press release of "The Sims PC Game Reviewer", have a look over here - and yes, the page is called april_fools.html. The press release does have some nice (untrue) facts and (fake) quotes. Obvious: yes. But quite nice too. However, according to you many people don't want another expansion pack anymore - you can check the results of our latest poll for that. It's still running, so vote if you haven't done so already!

Written at 01:06 on Wednesday, 2 April 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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