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Superstar not the last expansion?
As you might remember, in one of the reports about Superstar when it was nothing more than a vague rumour, we told you about an interview with Will Wright, the big man behind The Sims. He said there would be 7 expansion packs in total, but we didn't know if he included Deluxe with that or not. Now it seems there's indeed something else coming after Superstar - but we don't know anything at all yet! The only other evidence so far is someone from EA in the Netherlands. The so-called 'mayor' (the webmaster) of the Dutch official website said on the forums that Superstar wouldn't be the last expansion pack. He also said The Sims 2.0 would be coming sooner that we'd expect...

Here's what he said in Dutch, in this thread:
"The Sims 2.0 komt zeker weten en eerder dan jullie denken. The Sims: Superstar is in ieder geval niet het laatste uitbreidingspakket.

"Meer mag ik nog niet zeggen, zodra dit wel mag kun je het uiteraard hier als eerste lezen."
And in English:
"The Sims 2.0 wil certainly come, and sooner than you think. The Sims: Superstar is definately not the last expansion pack.

"I can't say more yet, as soon as I can you will be able to read it here first."
That basically means there'll be The Sims 2.0 probably towards the end of this year (December), and a new expansion pack just before that (October or so). As if that isn't enough, The Sims Online will be released in Europe in October, so that means there will be 3 new Sim-titles coming this year after Superstar. Note that everything about this seventh expansion pack is at this point not much more than a rumour, so it isn't 100% definite. Thanks to Wesley and Acsaczy from the Dutch thesims.pagina.nl (unofficial) forum for this tip.
Written at 00:40 on Tuesday, 15 April 2003 by ChEeTaH.

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Written at 17:15 on Tuesday, 15 April 2003 by Nailess
i think that this is great news i am a really big fan , i have all the sims games and cant wait for superstar and the next one.

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