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News Archive - October, 2006
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Monday 9 October 2006
Painting Recolors
Written at 01:42 by MissWendy - 0 comments.

These great Paintings will look ideal in any of your sim homes, businesses or other community lots.

Click here if you'd like to see what's on the wall and also more of my creations. I hope you like them.


Tuesday 10 October 2006
Sims 2 Pets Mobile in Europe
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We've already caught some rumours earlier about the Sims 2 Pets being in the make for mobile phones. This has now been confirmed more or less by more recent press releases, which state that the mobile version will be released in Europe only in December this year, after the European success with the Sims 2 recently reaching the 1 million downloads. There are currently no rumours or anything saying that the game will also be released in the US or elsewhere in the world. Details of the game have not been released yet, but if anything shows up we'll let you know.
Blog Updates: News and Downloads from Maxis
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Several Maxoids update their blogs occasionally, and through those blogs they announce new features, uploads, and more. There's enough to read again, so please read more to see find out what some of the Maxoids have been up to lately.
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Pets Avatars on Official Site
Written at 20:13 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
Those who have an account on the official site can now show their pets as avatars as well. The avatar system has been updated to feature new content in the style of the Sims 2 Pets. Go to your Account page and then edit your avatar to pick a Sim, cat or dog.
EA Downloader serves Sims 2 Pets
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If you want to buy the Sims 2 Pets for PC, but don't feel like going to the store or having to wait for the mailman to deliver your copy in the mail, then EA Downloader will be a solution for you. Pets will be the first expansion pack of the Sims 2, after two Stuff packs and last year's Holiday Party Pack, which will be available through EA's game downloading service. With a download of close to 700 Mb it'll take a while to get it, but you can already pre-load most of it. The last bits and pieces will become available to you on the day of release, 17 October, allowing you to install and play the game as soon as it's released. The price is the same as that for the in-store packages: $29.99, or £19.99. Note that you will not get a disc, manual or box when you purchase the game at EA Downloader. You do get the bonus bandit cat when pre-ordering the game through EA downloader. Check the British or American product page to order the game. If you live somewhere else, go to either product page and then pick your region on the top-right of the page.
Pets on Mac
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Just like all previous expansion packs, Aspyr will port the PC expansion pack of the Sims 2 Pets to the Mac OS X platform. MacWorld reports that Aspyr is planning to release the pack quickly after the PC release, roughly 2 weeks, meaning it'll be out only two to three months after Open for Business was released on the same platform. Aspyr's site doesn't mention the game yet, so while the pack will most likely be released on Mac, it's not sure whether the short deadline will indeed be met, or if the game will be out a little later after all. Check the MacWorld report for their coverage.
Hilary Duff in Sims 2 Pets
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Besides the brand new soundtrack which features well-known bands from all over the world, another celebrity will make her appearance in the Sims 2 Pets. Hilary Duff and her dog Lola will be available as download for the PC, PS2, GameCube and DS versions. In the PC expansion pack, you can download Hilary and Lola as a family from the official site, but only until the end of the year. Hilary will be a fully playable character like any other Sim. On the consoles Hilary won't be downloadable or unlockable, but she'll appear like any other Sim in the game, of course together with her dog. You can invite her over and teach Lola tricks to entertain party guests. On the DS edition Hilary and Lola can be found in the Central Park regularly. If you befriend her, Hilary might pop into your Pet Care Center so you can teach Lola new tricks, improve her health and make her happier in general. The PSP and GBA games will not feature Hilary and Lola. The artwork below was published aloing with the press release. You can also download a short trailer, in high and low quality. QuickTime required. Right click the links to download the videos.
Hilary Duff and Lola in the Sims 2 Pets
Pets for Handhelds Delayed
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Until recently Maxis' planning was to have the Sims 2 Pets being released on all platforms simultaneously. The handheld versions have been delayed though, and will be released after 17 October in the US or 20 October in Europe. Exact dates are still somewhat unclear, but as things are looking now, The DS version will be the first to be released on 31 October in the US, and around 3 November in Europe. This might also be a week earlier, as EA contradicts itself in lists and press releases. The GBA game comes out a little later, on 14 November or 17 November, with the usual variation depending on where you live. The PSP version will be the last one which will be released worldwide, and is currently set at 12 December in the US, or 15 December in Europe - just in time for the holidays. As said, the dates are different throughout various recent statements from EA, and might be incorrect. In Europe a version for mobile phones will also be released in December, but no exact date has been given. The PC, PlayStation 2 and GameCube editions will all be released as promised on 17 October or 20 October - just a week away.
Pets Consoles/Handhelds Chat: Transcripts online
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Just like for the PC version, there's been a chat about the Consoles and Handheld versions of the Sims 2 Pets. Some new details are revealed in the transcripts that are now online on the official site. About the PSP version MaxoidBen says the new house building tool is really good. That version will also have alien and robotic pets in it. Kittens and puppies will grow up in the console version as well, but pets won't die. They'll only run away at worst. Leftover meals are also mentioned: anything that your Sims leave can be turned into pet food using a mixer, which results in food of different qualities. Read the full transcript for more details.
Pets PC Chat: Transcripts online
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Last week Maxis organised two chats around the Sims 2 Pets. One was for the consoles, the other for the PC version. The transcripts are online, and many questions have been answered. Some new information was given as well, for example that the expansion officially has been in production for 3.5 months. More about the in-game details are revealed as well of course: there will be 6 colours of birds, and a cheat will allow you to stop the aging of pets. Werewolves will also age, as they're still fairly normal Sims, except at night. The Kibble of Life will bring the Elixir of Sims to dogs and cats, making them younger as they drink it. By progressing your pets through careers you'll also be able to unlock special content like collars and new fur colours, something brand new for the PC version. The limit concerning the amount of Sims and Pets on a lot has also been changed again: you can have up to 8 Sims or 6 Pets, with no more than 10 creatures in total. This used to be 12 before. Children may also be able to be honest and say the dog ate their homework.

The length of the life stages have also been revealed: puppies and kittens will be like that for 3 days, whereas pets are in their adult stages for about 25 days. Elder pets will live for another 5-10 days until they die of old age. Without the Kibble of Life that is. Well trained pets can be sold to neighbours, and will bring in more Simoleons depending on the behaviours and tricks they know. Pets are denied from college, except for the caged animals. Also revamped is the invitation over the phone: you can now pick the family members you want to invite over all at once. Finally, pets can also chase the mailman even though he's fast.

For all the precise details, read through the complete transcript.
Sims 2 Pets Producer Videos
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With the Sims 2 Pets just around the corner for PC and Consoles, Maxis has released two videos in which a producer goes through the basic features of the game. Read on for details about the videos.
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German Pets Preview Video
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Besides the two American producer walkthroughs, EA Germany has recorded a special 7 minute video about the upcoming PC expansion pack, the Sims 2 Pets, and the consoles and DS games with the same name. The video is entirely in German, and shows several features of the games, mostly of the PC version. Read on for more details.
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Pets PC on DVD?
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EA Europe has re-released the packshots of the Sims 2 Pets, which we already showed in the announcement of the game. There's one notable change though: the PC pack shot shows a DVD-ROM logo, suggesting that the pack will be available on DVD rather than 2 CDs. Whether this is the same for other regions in the world is unknown. It's also unclear if the pack will be released on CD as well in Europe, where currently only the DVD version of the base game is being sold. As soon as we have more information, we'll let you know. See the packshot below for the proof.

The Sims 2 Pets on DVD-ROM?

Wednesday 18 October 2006
Pets Music Previews
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EA's Soundtrack for the Sims 2 Pets contains many songs - in Simlish - from bands from all over the world. For three of those songs you can now listen to a small preview. The Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha" is the first of them, followed by "Free Radicals" by the Flaming Lips and "Chemicals React" by Aly & AJ. For the last song a music video was released earlier as well. Visit the music page on the official site to listen to the three previews of one minute, or read the quotes from the bands who recorded the music.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, and EA is participating in at least one way: on the official site you can post a creation that you made. Make sure it has something pink in it, and that you put "Breast Cancer Awareness" in the description, so Maxis can find your creation. If anything will be done with the downloads is not yet announced, but it is a way to show your support during the breast cancer awareness month.
MaxoidSam Blog and Producer E-mail
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The person carrying the Senior Producer title for Sims 2 PC Expansion Packs is - after Don Laabs, who covered the position for Pets - has changed again. Sam Player (MaxoidSam) has recently announced himself as the new senior producer. Don Laabs is, like Tim LeTourneau, moving on to another, still secret, project within the Sims Division (Maxis) at EA. Sam Player has been working at EA for various other games like the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise and From Russia With Love. MaxoidSam has introduced himself through his blog, in which he tells that in the future official downloads from the official site will be included in expansion packs and stuff packs. Hidden items from Glamour Life Stuff will also be made available as download on the official site in a matter of weeks. Those downloads will be included in future expansion packs too.

In an e-mail sent to various fansites MaxoidSam tells about his tour through Europe, together with Hunter Howe for the PC team and Ben Bell and Charles Normann for the consoles. Scheduled time with fans from various countries, 1 hour everywhere, turned out to take almost twice as long in almost every case. A special anecdote about flights is also made. Read on for all the details from Sam, as you can find the full e-mail in the Read More part of this mail. The rest is in his October blog.
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Pets Minigame
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Celebrating the release of a Sims 2 expansion or stuff pack is often done with a mini-game released by EA through its EA Viral domain. Naturally one for Pets has also been made, in which you can create a pet by picking several characteristics like fur colour, breed zodiac and more. A big picture of your creation is the result. You can also get some wallpapers and avatars for your IM program. See the mini-game page to play it.
MaxoidMoonBelly Blog and Uploads
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MaxoidMoonBelly is probably one of the most active bloggers of Maxis, and she has yet again written in her blog, this time telling about a dart war at work. She has also made a few new creations: purple gowns for women, all to celebrate the EnblithTheFair's Royal Kingdom Challenge. Male versions will take a little longer, but will be coming soon as well. Check out MoonBelly's Uploads to download those creations.
Royal Kingdom Challenge Interview
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Many people have created challenges for the Sims 2 over the years, providing a goal for you to play towards. One of those people is EnblithTheFair, who has created the Royal Kingdom Challenge. The third edition has been posted recently, and is the one year anniversary version. The goal of the challenge is to create a themed neighborhood complete with royal family, nobility, merchants and more. The creator, EnblithTheFair, was recently interviewed by MaxoidMoonBelly about the challenge. She tells why he created the challenge, and the hard parts of making it: writing everything down without forgetting anything. Custom content also helps players along, as the game is normally based around a modern reality which is not permitted in the challenge. The scoring system and the response to the challenge are also discussed in the interview, as well as how Open for Business enhanced the challenge by making the merchant class come alive. EnblithTheFair's personal experience with the Sims 2 is also talked about, and her little free time to play the game properly. For more details read the Royal Kingdom Challenge Interview over at the official site.
Pets Screenshots (PC, NDS, GBA, PSP)
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EA has released a bunch of new screenshots for the Sims 2 Pets again, on all platforms but the consoles. For the PC expansion pack you can find eight new screenshots, while the number of screenshots for the PSP version grows with eight. Besides those eight there are another three for the PSP that our colleagues at SimsZone.de posted. The DS has seven new screenshots, and for the GBA there are nine new images. As usual, click the thumbnails below to check out the large versions of each of the screenshots.

The Sims 2 Pets (PC) The Sims 2 Pets (PC) The Sims 2 Pets (PC) The Sims 2 Pets (PC) The Sims 2 Pets (PC) The Sims 2 Pets (PC) The Sims 2 Pets (PC) The Sims 2 Pets (PC)

The Sims 2 Pets (PSP) The Sims 2 Pets (PSP) The Sims 2 Pets (PSP) The Sims 2 Pets (PSP) The Sims 2 Pets (PSP) The Sims 2 Pets (PSP) The Sims 2 Pets (PSP) The Sims 2 Pets (PSP) The Sims 2 Pets (PSP, SimsZone.de) The Sims 2 Pets (PSP, SimsZone.de) The Sims 2 Pets (PSP, SimsZone.de)

The Sims 2 Pets (DS) The Sims 2 Pets (DS) The Sims 2 Pets (DS) The Sims 2 Pets (DS) The Sims 2 Pets (DS) The Sims 2 Pets (DS) The Sims 2 Pets (DS)

The Sims 2 Pets (GBA) The Sims 2 Pets (GBA) The Sims 2 Pets (GBA) The Sims 2 Pets (GBA) The Sims 2 Pets (GBA) The Sims 2 Pets (GBA) The Sims 2 Pets (GBA) The Sims 2 Pets (GBA) The Sims 2 Pets (GBA)
Pets MySim Theme
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Together with the release of The Sims 2 Pets on PC and Consoles, Maxis has created a new theme for everybody's MySim pages. After logging in on the official site you can go to the Modify Theme page, where you can pick the new Pets theme, or one of the previous ones, for your MySim page.
First Pets Review: GameDaily
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The first review of the Sims 2 Pets for PC is out. Gaming site GameDaily has the scoop, and they are positive. The first thing they say is that the best way to get a pet is to create it yourself. The only downside is that womrats and birds cannot be customised as much as dogs and cats. Getting pets is hard work, and taking care of the pets' needs can be difficult to master. Careers and training are mentioned, and the helpful obedience trainer for Sims with money may also help. Altogether the expansion pack is the best for the Sims 2 yet, even though it adds little to the inventory and that it might be difficult to make pets behave properly. The final score: 4 out of 5 stars. Read the complete preview (3 pages) for more details.
Played By Campaign Videos
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To promote the Sims 2 Pets on all platforms, several fans have been over at EA's offices last summer to create videos and more promotional material for the games. This continuation of the "Sims Played By campaign has resulted in (at least) 10 videos, which will be shown on TV and in magazines internationally. The Sims Zone has received 10 videos in QuickTime format for you to download and watch. One of them is exclusive, and won't be shown on the official site until next week. The "Dig" video features a German Shepherd on a digging mission, with music from the Dutch band Krezip (in Simlish) in the background. Krezip is another band which can be added to the list of artists in the Sims 2 Pets Soundtrack, and the full song is featured in the Sims 2 Pets on PC, PS2, GameCube and PSP. See the list below to download all the videos. Two more stories can be found on the campaign's website.

Thursday 19 October 2006
Pets Prima Guide Information - Cheats and Details
Written at 03:48 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
Prima Games is the publisher for all the official strategy guides for the Sims yet. The Sims 2 Pets is no exception, and so Greg Kramer, who has written previous Sims 2 guides as well, has now written one for the Sims 2 Pets. Over 352 pages cover the PC and Consoles (PlayStation 2, GameCube and PSP) versions of Pets. The guide contains help about creating pets, discovering the keys to developing the behaviour of pets, and as usual the tables with descriptions of the new objects aren't left out. Finally the guide also covers the genetics of the pets. More information can be found on the product page at Prima's site.

Some people have already received the guide, and information from it is being posted on the web. Rosierealea has put cheats online, including some to take over the minds of pets, disabling aging, deleting specific items on a lot, and more. She also answers many questions from the book. She covers the items in the game, the new families, and more. Other threads started by her also give more insight in the game. You can purchase the guide from our online shop.
Fansite Reports
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Just before the release of the Sims 2 Pets, several fansites posted previews of the new expansion pack. First there are five French sites which posted information after an event in France earlier this month. All of them have pictures with the articles as well. The Italian EdenStyle also posted a new movie of the game, from a visit at EA Italy where they were shown the game. There's also the Dutch fansite SimsNetwerk which has posted a report based on an early experience with the game in July as well as the GamesConvention in August. An English version of the report will be published later. Click the links below for all the reports. Thanks to SnootySims for the French links.
Pets Released: Exchange, MySim Icon, Training Paper 3 and Hilary Duff
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Something that can't go unnoticed is the release of an expansion pack for the Sims 2 on PC. Pets is out on PC, PlayStation 2 and GameCube. The handheld and mobile versions are to follow soon. To celebrate the release, EA has issued a press release, in which the key features and the celebrity line-up of the game are mentioned. New release dates for the handheld games are also given: the DS version will be out 2 November in the US, 27 October in the UK, and 3 November elsewhere. The GBA game will officially hit the shelves on 9 November in the US, and 17 November in the rest of the world. The PSP edition is the last one of the Sims 2 Pets to be released, at 30 November in the US and 15 December in other parts of the world. Check the right hand side of the site for the updated countdown towards all these dates. Read on for more news from the official site all about the new expansion pack.
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Sims 2: In Season Flyer
Written at 03:50 by ChEeTaH - 1 comment.
We already reported about The Sims 2: In Season being listed on a registration page a while ago. While that has already been removed, the title does indeed seem to be a possibility for the upcoming expansion pack. A flyer that comes with the Sims 2 Pets on PC advertises the game, for which a small teaser is now also put on the official site's front page. The first site to post about it was the Danish GameSection, but Rosierealea, member on the official site, has also posted a large English version of the inlay, which you can see below. Of course we'll keep you updated with more information about this fifth expansion pack as we get it.
The Sims 2: In Season?

Saturday 21 October 2006
Keepsakes Set
Written at 12:24 by MissWendy - 0 comments.

This is a great set for your Sims' homes. A CurioCabinet, coffeetable and 2 endtables...All with unique decorative items in glass. All Items come in 3 wood textures, so decorating is a breeze.

Click here If you'd like to see this set and the rest of my work. I hope you like them.


Thursday 26 October 2006
Weather Chit-chat at BBS
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Similar to what they did before Pets was announced, EA has launched a new forum on the official BBS. In the new forum you can talk all about the weather. The name of the new expansion pack is not given, but it's certain that the next pack will feature weather. To discuss the new pack, go to the weather forum. We'll keep you updated with more news around this expansion.
Lycos Dog in Sims 2 Pets
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Lycos, famous for its search engine for one, has a dog as mascot. The French website of the company has celebrated the release of the Sims 2 Pets on PC last week, by making the dog available as download for the game. The dog can be found on the download page. All you need to do is click the "Télécharger ici" on that page.
Pets Online Tech Support
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With Pets being released on a number of platforms last week, EA has updated its online customer support pages with help with the expansion pack (PC) and console games. Many common questions, about unlocking pets and features, but also technical issues with installing or running the game are covered in the FAQs. You can find information about the PC version, the PlayStation 2 and finally also the GameCube editions. Help for the handheld versions will probably be added once those games have been released next month.
Pets E-Cards
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The official UK site of the Sims 2 has made four e-cards available for you to send to your friends. The e-cards feature some of the artworks released before the game was out. You can send as many cards as you wish, and include your own personal message in each of them. The E-Cards page also still has several older e-cards to send out, for any occasion. You need to log in using your EA.com (Sims 2) account to be able to send cards.
IM with Don Lothario
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The Sims 2 UK, the official site for the Sims 2, has made it possible for everyone with Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) to chat with Don Lothario, one of the well-known characters from Pleasantview in the Sims 2. Although there's no real person behind the messenger account, but a computerised bot that gives automated answers to whatever you type, there's plenty of stuff to talk about with Don. You can play games, check the horoscopes, participate in a poll, find out about the Sims 2, read some fun facts about the game, get goodies and more. Add donlothario@hotmail.co.uk to your buddy list in Live Messenger, and start chatting to him. Saying "home" to him will help you go through the menus to find all options, but you can also take the challenge to find the features yourself by saying the correct words to him.
GameSpot Reviews Pets
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Gaming network GameSpot has played Pets on the PC, and their review can now be read online. They start off by telling a bit about hamsters and birds, but quickly switch to dogs and cats, their training and careers. Trying to mold a pet's behaviour is very time consuming, and it's difficult to raise a pet, especially with Sims with careers. The new music tracks on the several (existing) radio stations in the game are mentioned, as well as the lots the game ships with. Overall the expansion does not redefine the game, but adds up to it and is probably best for experienced players. The final score GameSpot gives is a 7.1 out of 10. You can read the full review or watch some of the new screenshots for details.
Happy Holiday Stuff Info
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Recently we already reported about the Happy Holiday Stuff pack, which has now made a more in-depth appearance at the official site. The pack will be released in three editions. The first one is the basis for the two others as well: the Happy Holiday Stuff pack. This pack contains 60 holiday themed items, of which 20 are new and 40 were already in last year's Holiday (Christmas) Party Pack. To compensate a little for those who bought last year's pack, a special Happy Holiday Mini Pack will be made available through EA Downloader only - it won't be available in stores. This mini pack contains just the 20 new items against a reduced price. Finally there's the Sims 2 Holiday Edition, which bundles the base game and Happy Holiday Stuff. This game will be available solely in stores, EA Downloader will not have the bundle. The stuff pack will be available in both ways, with an additional bonus if you pre-order online. You'll get a Blizzardous Biosphere object as download when you order the pack from EA's Store. You can also get a trailer for the Holiday Edition or the Stuff pack. Renders of the items, screenshots and some small artwork can all be found in the remainder of this news post. See the official site's holiday page for more details.
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Sunday 29 October 2006
The Sims 2 Pets: Obedient Hound or Scavenging Stray? - Part 1
Written at 19:59 by Andy - 0 comments.

In the first part of our review of "Pets", which is the 4th Expansion for The Sims 2, we introduce you to what is new.

From loading up, finding what is new in the 'hood, how certain things have changed through to finding the basics on how to get a pet. That is all covered in this first part.

You can find all about it right here!


Monday 30 October 2006
Halloween at The Sims 2
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Halloween is only a day away, and thus the official site has launched a few features to celebrate the day of trick-or-treating. First of all you can change your avatar to make it a little scarier, using the spiderweb background, a vampire collar, or witch hat for Sims, or a witch hat for pets. Furthermore, community manager MaxoidMel has also asked to mark any uploads special for Halloween with "Halloween 2006" in the description. Changing the description for older downloads will also work, and allows Maxoids to easily spot the downloads for highlighting. You only have today to put your Halloween creations on the website, so be quick. Check the BBS post for more details.
Pogo "Stack 'em" Sims 2 Pets Style
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EA's online game service Pogo has recently redecorated the "Stack 'em" game to a Sims 2 Pets style. The game now features a Sims 2 Pets background as well as blocks. Go to the game page to play the game. Login using your EA.com account, which you also use at the official site.
Our The Sims 2 Pets DS and GBA Previews
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The Sims 2 Pets It's been a while since we posted our preview of the consoles version of the Sims 2 Pets. Previews of the DS and GBA versions were promised too, and those have now been posted as well. Even though the games are about to be released (the DS version is already out in the UK), the previews might still give some more insight in the details of the handheld games. You can read more about how to be a vet, creating pets and playing mini-games, or working your way through several careers. Go to the DS Preview or GBA Preview for the juicy details. Don't forget our full PC review by Andy either!

Take me to the Pets Special now!