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German Pets Preview Video
Besides the two American producer walkthroughs, EA Germany has recorded a special 7 minute video about the upcoming PC expansion pack, the Sims 2 Pets, and the consoles and DS games with the same name. The video is entirely in German, and shows several features of the games, mostly of the PC version. Read on for more details.

The video starts with the PC intro video, followed by expansion pack features like Create a Family and Create a Family. They also show some of the new objects, which of course feature a lot of items for your dogs and cats. Adopting pets is also shown, as are the womrats and birds. The character of the dogs and cats is described after that. Genetics will also be passed on through the generations in the game - from puppy or kitten to adult and finally elder cat. If you also have Open for Business, selling pets becomes a possibility for you as well, by opening up your own pet store. Controlling your pet directly is not possible, but you can only do that through teaching by scolding and praising. Pets can also support the family with their careers, and tricks help pets advance through those careers.

The Console and PSP version are also briefly discussed, showing some of the clothes pets can wear, and the central downtown area, which will grow as you purchase more items from the shops. New items will be unlocked as you progress through the game.

For the DS some screenshots are shown along with brief videos, and the narrator tells that you run your own pet clinic. You'll have to treat neighborhood animals or help Sims from the area with buying a new pet. The GBA version is not shown in the video. The 7 minute video comes in three quality versions, low, medium and high. Go to the video page on the German site to download it. For Germans there's also a contest on the same page.
Written at 20:25 on Tuesday, 10 October 2006 by ChEeTaH.

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